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  • LAS Chronometro aero helmet size 54 to 61 cms
  • LAS Chronometro aero helmet
  • LAS Chronometro aero helmet black
  • LAS Chronometro aero helmet light
LAS Chronometro aero helmet size 54 to 61 cms zoom_in
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LAS Chronometro aero helmet size 54 to 61 cms

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LAS Chronometro aero helmet 

  • size 54 to 61 cms

  • colour black and white

  • weight 450 grams

  • adjustable support system

  • integrated and retractable glasses

  • date code 06/2012

  • new without the packing


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The Aero Triathlon Helmet: Your Performance Ally

Triathlon is a demanding discipline that requires careful preparation, whether in terms of training, equipment or race strategy. One of the essential elements of a triathlete's equipment is the aero triathlon helmet, designed specifically to optimize performance during this discipline. In this article, we'll explore in detail the benefits of an aero triathlon helmet and why it's a crucial choice for any athlete looking to improve their performance.

Understanding the Importance of the Aero Triathlon Helmet

Aerodynamic efficiency

Triathlon combines swimming, cycling and running, with a quick transition between each discipline. Time gained or lost on the bike can have a significant impact on the final ranking. This is where the aero triathlon helmet comes in. Unlike traditional bicycle helmets, an aero helmet is specifically designed to minimize air resistance, allowing the triathlete to move faster with less effort .

The streamlined shape and aerodynamic characteristics of the aero triathlon helmet are the result of extensive engineering research and wind tunnel testing. These helmets are designed to reduce air drag, meaning you can maintain a high speed with less resistance, saving valuable energy for the run that follows.

Comfort and Ventilation

Another major advantage of aero triathlon helmets is their comfort and ventilation. Although aerodynamics is the main concern, these helmets are also designed to maintain a comfortable temperature on the triathlete's head. Cycling long distances can generate a lot of heat, and adequate ventilation is essential to prevent overheating.

Additionally, aero triathlon helmets typically come with removable and adjustable padding, allowing athletes to customize their fit for optimal comfort. Comfort is essential to maintain maximum concentration throughout the race.

How to Choose the Best Aero Triathlon Helmet

Choosing the best aero triathlon helmet will depend on several factors, including your budget, personal preferences and head shape. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision:

1. Budget

There are aero triathlon helmets available in a varied price range. Set a realistic budget based on your needs and goals. Keep in mind that, in most cases, a slightly higher investment can give you significant benefits in performance and comfort.

2. Adjustment

Fit is essential for an aero triathlon helmet. Make sure you choose a model with an adjustment system that allows you to customize the fit based on your head shape. A tight, comfortable fit is essential to ensure safety and aerodynamic efficiency.

3. Aerodynamic characteristics

Carefully examine the aerodynamic characteristics of the helmet. Look for models with special cutouts to reduce drag, efficient ventilation channels and a smooth shell to promote air penetration. The more aerodynamic the helmet, the more advantage you will have on the bike.

4. Ventilation

Make sure the helmet provides adequate ventilation to keep you cool while racing. Well-placed vents are essential to prevent overheating, especially in hot weather.


In summary, choosing an aero triathlon helmet can have a significant impact on your triathlon performance. These helmets are designed to minimize air resistance, provide exceptional comfort and ensure adequate ventilation. Before investing in a helmet, be sure to set a budget, consider fit, aerodynamic features and ventilation.

Remember that safety is paramount, and wearing a helmet is mandatory during triathlon events. So choose an aero triathlon helmet that meets all current safety standards. With the right helmet, you will not only be able to move faster on the bike, but also focus on your overall performance and achieve your triathlon goals.

Investing in a quality aero triathlon helmet is a step towards improving your performance and achieving your sporting ambitions. So, equip yourself with the best aero triathlon helmet and give your best on the triathlon track. Good race !

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