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An electric road bike, also known as an electric road bike, is an electrified version of a conventional road bike. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

The electric road bike works similarly to a traditional road bike, but it is equipped with an electric motor that provides pedaling assistance.
Electric assistance makes it easier for the rider to pedal, especially on hilly roads or over long distances, which can reduce fatigue and allow higher speeds to be achieved with less effort.

2. Features:

a. Electric motor:

The heart of the electric road bike is its electric motor, usually mounted in the hub of the front or rear wheel, or integrated into the crankset. This motor can be powered by a rechargeable battery.

b. Rechargeable battery :

The bicycle is equipped with a rechargeable battery, usually attached to the bicycle frame. Battery capacity may vary depending on model, but it generally provides enough power for several hours of driving before needing to be recharged.

c. Pedaling assistance:

Electric road bikes are equipped with sensors that detect the force exerted by the rider on the pedals. When the cyclist pedals, the electric motor provides assistance proportional to the effort exerted, offering an extra boost when necessary.

d. Intuitive controls:

Road e-bikes are usually equipped with intuitive controls to adjust the level of pedaling assistance and control other functions, such as displaying speed, distance traveled and battery charge level.

e. Lightness and rigidity:

To maintain the handling and performance characteristics of traditional road bikes, electric road bikes are typically designed with lightweight aluminum or carbon frames, providing both lightness and rigidity.

f. Quality components:

As with traditional road bikes, electric road bikes are equipped with quality components, such as high-performance brakes, precise derailleurs and lightweight, aerodynamic wheels.