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The fixie or fixed gear bicycle is made up of a single speed transmission for use on the track or in town.

History and use of fixie bike:

The fixie reflects the fact that there is no free wheel between the sprocket and the hub of the rear wheel of the bicycle. The cyclist must therefore pedal continuously to move forward and brake.

This type of bicycle drivetrain is the simplest and most reliable that can be found on a bike because it consists of only three items: the single chainring crankset, the chain and a sprocket screwed on the hub of the wheel. It was invented in the nineteenth century and it made it possible to offset the crankset from the drive wheel and thus allow the position of cycling as we know it today.

After the invention of the freewheel, the fix sprocket was kept for use on track bikes. Professional cyclists also use this type of transmission during their training, mainly in winter to improve the efficiency of their pedaling, turning the legs "rounder" and thus improving their speed.

The fixie is also used in the polo bike because in this discipline it is forbidden to put the foot on the ground, the fixed sprocket allows you to move forward even when backing up and doing on the spot, the frame is short for better maneuverability.

Fixie bike equipment:

Since it is not possible to change gear ratio while driving, it is necessary to choose the development ratio of the transmission well, the number of teeth of the sprocket and the chainring must correspond to a natural pedaling frequency for its user. The fixie bike saddle must have a suitable shape to be comfortable when pedaling continuously. The stem and straight, pursuit or mustache handlebar must allow urban cyclists to have a raised position while the pistards will be looking for the best level of aerodynamics.

The current trend is to use an old frame, often made of steel and to equip it with components in modern shapes and colors. The profile of the rims is high and new technologies are used, the lighting is led with a battery, the tire width of the fixie can be up to 38 wide and they can be colored to match with the bike.

Fixie bike accessories:

Many designers and manufacturers are specialized in offering fixie bike accessories, parts and components with sometimes bright colors, shapes and vintage style in order to personalize your bike. Noble materials can be used such as leather for the saddle or the handles or wood for the handlebar or the rims. The best known brands are Extra +, Brooks, BLB, MKS, ...

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