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A track bike, also known as a track or track bike, is a specialized type of bicycle designed for competition on an indoor or outdoor cycling track, usually called a velodrome. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

- Track bikes are designed to provide fast, agile and responsive riding on specially designed cycling tracks. They are used in track speed and pursuit racing, where maximum speed and maneuverability are essential for performance.
- Unlike traditional road bikes, track bikes have no brakes and are often equipped with a single fixed gear, meaning they cannot change gears. This allows for direct and efficient power transmission, but also requires a special pedaling technique, called "dancer pedaling", to brake and slow down using leg resistance.

2. Features:

- Rigid and lightweight frame:

Track bike frames are typically made from stiff, lightweight materials such as high-quality aluminum, carbon, or steel. These frames are designed to provide maximum rigidity to efficiently transmit the rider's power to the rear wheel.

- Aggressive geometry:

Track bikes often have more aggressive geometry than road bikes, with steeper angles and a lower, more aerodynamic riding position to promote speed and handling on the track.

- Narrow and smooth tires:

Track bike tires are narrow and smooth, providing low friction and maximum grip on the track. They are designed for use on smooth, even surfaces, unlike road bike tires which are suitable for a variety of surfaces.

- Fixed transmission:

Track bikes often have a fixed drivetrain, meaning they don't have a freewheel or multi-sprocket hub. This requires the cyclist to pedal continuously, even when they want to slow down or brake, which requires a specific pedaling technique.

- Absence of brakes:

Most track bikes do not have brakes, because track racing takes place on closed circuits where the rider can control their speed by modulating their pedaling effort and using the resistance of the track.

- Aerodynamic handlebars:

Track bikes are often equipped with aerodynamic handlebars, such as "bullhorn" or "pursuit" style handlebars, which offer different grip positions to optimize the rider's aerodynamic performance.

- Specific pedals and toe clips:

Track bikes are typically equipped with specific pedals and toe clips designed to keep the rider's feet in place during aggressive pedaling and to maximize the efficiency of power transfer.

In summary, a track bike is a specialized bicycle designed for competition on indoor or outdoor cycling tracks. Its main features include a stiff and lightweight frame, aggressive geometry, narrow and smooth tires, fixed drivetrain, no brakes, aerodynamic handlebars and specific pedals. These features are optimized to provide fast, agile and responsive riding on the track and to maximize rider performance during speed and pursuit races.