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An electric city bike is designed to offer an ecological, practical and comfortable transport solution in an urban environment. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

1. Function:

- An electric city bike works similarly to a traditional bicycle, but it is equipped with an electric motor that provides pedaling assistance.
- Electric assistance allows the rider to cover longer distances with less effort, climb slopes more easily and travel at a more consistent speed, making it an ideal choice for everyday city commuting.
- These bikes are often used for commuting, city shopping, urban strolls and daily commutes, providing a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to cars and public transport.

2. Features:

- Integrated electric motor:

Electric city bikes are equipped with an electric motor generally integrated into the hub of the front or rear wheel, or sometimes at the bottom bracket. This motor provides pedaling assistance based on the force exerted by the cyclist and the level of assistance selected.

- Rechargeable battery :

Electric city bikes have a rechargeable battery, usually attached to the bike frame or integrated into the down tube. This battery stores the energy needed to power the electric motor and can usually be recharged from a standard electrical outlet.

- Pedaling assistance:

Electric city bikes are equipped with sensors that detect the force exerted by the cyclist on the pedals. When the cyclist pedals, the electric motor provides assistance proportional to the effort exerted, making pedaling easier and more efficient.

- Comfortable and practical setting:

Electric city bike frames are often designed to provide comfortable positioning and ease of use around town. They may have straighter geometry, a lowered top tube for easier step-over, and integrated accessories such as racks, mudguards, and lights.

- Ease of use :

Electric city bikes usually come with simple, intuitive controls to adjust the level of pedaling assistance and control other functions such as the display screen, lights and brakes.

- Effective braking system:

They are often equipped with hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes providing reliable stopping power, which is important for safety in urban environments where frequent stopping may be necessary.

- Practical accessories:

Electric city bikes can be equipped with various practical accessories such as luggage racks, baskets, kickstands, integrated locks, battery locks and mudguards for everyday city use.

In summary, an electric city bike is designed to offer a practical, comfortable and ecological travel solution in an urban environment, combining the advantages of a traditional bicycle with electric assistance to make pedaling easier and more efficient. Its main features include an integrated electric motor, rechargeable battery, pedal assistance, comfortable and practical frame, ease of use and practical accessories for daily use in the city.