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A cargo bike is designed to transport large loads, whether goods, luggage, or even children. Here are the main features and functions of a cargo bike, as well as a list of some of the biggest brands in this field:

Characteristics of a cargo bike:

1. Specific Framework:

Cargo bikes have a frame designed to support heavy loads on the front, rear, or sides. Some have an elongated structure to provide generous cargo space.

2. Special Luggage Racks:

They are equipped with special luggage racks, often reinforced, to attach crates, baskets, or special seats.

3. Load Capacity:

Cargo bikes have a significant load capacity, ranging from 100 kg to over 200 kg, depending on the model.

4. Powerful Brakes:

Due to the additional load, cargo bikes are often equipped with powerful brakes to ensure safe stopping.

5. Robust transmission:

Cargo bikes are usually equipped with a sturdy drivetrain to make pedaling easier even with a heavy load.

6. Improved Stability:

Some models have a three-wheel design or a special steering system to improve stability when carrying heavy loads.

7. Configuration Options:

Some models allow you to configure the bike for different uses, such as transporting goods, children, or even switching from a cargo bike to a standard bike.

8. Lighting and Accessories:

Cargo bikes often come with integrated lighting and attachment points for attaching accessories such as mudguards, bottle holders, etc.

Some major brands of cargo bikes:

1. Yuba Bicycles

2. Xtracycle

3. Bullitt (by Larry vs Harry)

4. Riese & Muller

5. Tern

6. Urban Arrow

7. Babboe

8. Christiania Bikes

It is important to note that new brands and models may emerge, and the cargo bike market continues to evolve with constant innovations. Before purchasing, it is recommended to check the specifications of each model and consider your specific load carrying needs.