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Road cycling is the oldest and most popular form of cycling. It is practiced alone or in a team.

History of the road bike :

The road or racing bike appeared in 1884 with the first bikes whose front and rear wheels were of equal diameter and whose traction was by chain. The vertical position of the cyclist was comparable to that of current cyclists. At the end of the 19th century, cycling races multiplied, they made it possible to make this sport popular and to professionalize it. Cyclists are sponsored by big brands.

At the end of the 19th century, road cycling was practiced on paths or tracks, then at the beginning of the 20th century with the development of the automotive, roads were created. At that time, the chain drivetrain sprocket was fixed with the rear wheel of the road bike, then the freewheel was designed, it made it possible to travel longer distances because it is now possible to benefit from the inertia of the road bike , when launched to save energy. Then comes the invention of the rear derailleur which further improves performance by using a development ratio adapted to the profile of the road, road cycling was born. The front derailleur was designd in the middle of the 20th century, the tubulars were glued to the aluminum rims which replaced the wooden models. the number of speeds will gradually increase thanks to the invention of the cassette by Simplex until reaching 12 speeds today. The shifters attached to the frame are replaced by indexed shifters fixed on the handlebar. The frame of a road bike has long been in steel, then in aluminum or titanium and since a few years in carbon for weight gain, comfort and rigidity. You could find in our shop some vintage bike parts.

The great races of the road bike :

The major international competitions are a showcase for road cycling, the Tour de France, the Giro, the Vuelta or Paris Roubaix, ... are events followed by millions of followers. They are also essential meetings for brands of bicycle equipment such as Campagnolo drivetrains or Shimano or Sram transmissions or Mavic wheels in order to present and test their latest models of road bikes, at the cutting edge of technology. from the moment.

The latest innovations of the road bike :

Technical developments have been so numerous and so rapid over the past 30 years that the International Cycling Union has decided to set the minimum weight of a road bike at 6.8 kg, its length must not exceed 1.85 m and 50 cms wide. Electric derailleurs and torque sensors improve your training plan and target your performance more accurately. The arrival of disc brakes improves braking performance in all conditions and increases the life of the rims. Numerous road bike accessories improve performance and user comfort. The use of carbon reduces weight and improves performance, this new material allows the manufacture of new parts such as road bike stems, road bike crankset, or road bike pedals .

The range of parts and accessories for road bikes from SL Sport equipments :

We offer many components and parts for road bike in used or new condition at the best price such as road bike frameset, ergonomic road bike handlebars, road bike saddles, seat posts, road bike seat clamp, shifters, cranksets, ..

Accessories and wearing parts are also available such as bar tape, chainrings, cassettes and chains for road bikes.