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A vintage racing bike is a model that evokes the style and aesthetic of racing bikes popular in previous decades, often from the 1970s to 2000s. Here are some typical features one might find on such a bike:

1. Chromoly steel frame:

Vintage racing bikes are often made with chromoly steel frames, which strike a good balance between lightness and strength.

2. Classic gear group:

Vintage racing bikes feature classic gear groupsets, usually with shift levers on the top tube of the frame. The derailleurs can be from well-known brands such as Shimano, Campagnolo or Suntour.

3. Caliper brakes:

Caliper brakes are common on vintage racing bikes, although some versions may have more modern pad brakes.

4. Curved racing handlebars:

Vintage racing bikes are often equipped with racing-style handlebars with a characteristic curvature. This offers different riding positions for the rider.

5. Leather saddle:

Leather saddles were frequently used on vintage racing bikes. They offer a classic look and can be comfortable once properly broken in.

6. Low Profile Rims:

Wheels on vintage racing bikes usually have low profile aluminum rims. This helps reduce the weight of the bike and improves aerodynamics.

7. Narrow tires:

Vintage racing bikes often have narrower tires compared to contemporary bikes, which can help reduce rolling resistance.

8. Retro Painting and Graphics:

Vintage racing bikes are often recognizable by their bright colors, graphic details and retro logos.

9. Three-chainring crankset:

Some vintage racing bikes have a three-chainring crankset in the front, offering a variety of gearing options.

Importantly, the popularity of vintage racing bikes has led to an increase in demand, and many manufacturers now offer contemporary models with vintage styling, but equipped with newer technology.