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  • Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm
  • Front derailleur Sram X7
  • Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm for mtb
  • Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm 10s
  • Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm 3x10s
Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm zoom_in
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Front derailleur Sram X7 34.9 mm

  • X7
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Sram X7 front derailleur

  • high collar

  • cable pull by the top or the bottom

  • collar diameter 34.9 mm

  • for a drivetrain 3x10s

  • chainstay 66 to 69 degrees
  • weight 150 grams

  • new without packaging, small scratches dues to the storage (see photos)


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SRAM X7 Derailleur: Unparalleled Performance for All-Terrain Bikes

Mountain bike enthusiasts are constantly looking for high-quality components to improve the performance of their bikes. When it comes to reliable and precise drivetrain systems, the SRAM X7 derailleur stands out as a top choice. In this article, we'll explore this essential component in depth, highlighting its exceptional features, ingenious design, and the benefits it offers to off-road riders.

The SRAM X7 Derailleur: An Overview

The SRAM X7 derailleur is a centerpiece of the product range from SRAM, one of the world leaders in the field of high performance bicycle components. Designed specifically for off-road bikes, the X7 embodies the perfect fusion of durability, lightness and precision.

Technical characteristics

To understand what makes the SRAM X7 derailleur so exceptional, let's take a closer look at its technical specifications:

High Quality Materials:

The SRAM X7 derailleur is made from premium materials, including aluminum, which ensure solid construction while minimizing weight.

Exact Actuation™ Technology:

This patented technology ensures precise shifting with every pedal stroke. It also guarantees constant tension of the chain, thus eliminating any risk of derailment.

3x10 Compatibility:

The X7 is designed to work seamlessly with a 3x10 speed transmission system, providing a wide gear range to tackle all types of terrain.

Compact Design:

The compact design of the SRAM X7 derailleur makes it less exposed to damage while optimizing space for other components on the bike frame.

Reduced Weight:

With its sleek design and use of lightweight materials, the SRAM X7 derailleur helps reduce the overall weight of the bike, which is essential for uphill performance.

Field Performance

One of the most impressive features of the SRAM X7 derailleur is its unmatched performance in the field. Whether you're climbing steep hills or descending steep trails, this derailleur guarantees smooth and precise gear changes at all times. Exact Actuation™ ensures that every click of the shifter is perfectly translated into precise movement of the chain, eliminating the frustrations associated with less efficient derailleurs.

3x10 speed compatibility allows riders to explore a variety of terrain, whether flats, steep mountains or technical descents. The SRAM X7 derailleur will always respond with consistent performance and impressive precision.

Advantages of the SRAM X7 Derailleur

Now that we've looked at the technical specifications of the SRAM X7 derailleur, let's take a look at the benefits it offers to all-mountain riders:

1. Unparalleled Reliability

Reliability is essential for off-road riders, and the SRAM X7 derailleur never disappoints. Its rugged construction and Exact Actuation™ technology ensure you can count on precise gear changes, even in the most demanding conditions.

2. Optimal Performance

Whether you're looking for optimal performance uphill or downhill, the SRAM X7 derailleur adapts to any terrain. The fluidity of gear changes and the wide gear range offered by the 2x10 speed system allow you to meet any challenge.

3. Lightness

Lightweight is crucial for cyclists looking to improve their uphill performance and reduce fatigue. The SRAM X7 derailleur, thanks to its intelligent design and the use of high quality aluminum, helps to minimize the overall weight of your bike.

4. Sustainability

The SRAM X7 derailleur is designed to withstand the abuse of mountain biking. Its solid construction and wear-resistant ceramic casters ensure exceptional durability, even in harsh conditions.

5. Exceptional Value

The SRAM X7 derailleur offers excellent value for money. You get professional-level performance at an affordable price, making it a smart choice for riders of all levels.


In conclusion, the SRAM X7 derailleur is a high-quality component that meets the most stringent requirements of off-road cyclists. Its Exact Actuation™ technology, robust construction, lightweight and 2x10 speed compatibility make it an exceptional choice for those looking to improve the performance of their bike. With the SRAM

Invest in performance, invest in the SRAM X7 derailleur, and get ready to conquer the trails with confidence and assurance.

Remember to check the compatibility of the SRAM X7 derailleur with your bike before purchasing, and be sure to maintain it regularly to maintain its optimal performance. With the SRAM X7 derailleur on board, you are ready for exciting new cycling adventures.

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    9: new without packaging

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    34.9 mm

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