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A BMX or Bike Motocross is a small single speed bike, it is very handy and robust, it can be used on all types of surfaces.

History of BMX :

This type of bike appeared in 1968 in California in the United States under the leadership of the Schwinn brand whose idea is to offer a bike with the characteristics of a motocross without engine.

Disciplines of BMX :

There are two types of use: BMX Race which consists of a race of eight competitors on a bump field and BMX freestyle which consists of performing acrobatic tricks with a bike.

A bicross race is done on a short track of 350 to 400 meters, the effort is very violent and intense, it is necessary to have the technic to pass at best the bumps and the banked turns but the difference is essentially made at the start of the race.

In this discipline, competitors can use flat pedals with spikes or automatic BMX pedals. The choice of gear is very important because if the number of teeth of the BMX chainring and the freewheel constituting the drivetrain are not suitable then the user will not be competitive.

BMX freestyle is certainly the most spectacular use of BMX which consists of performing tricks in different environments, it comes in several use such as flat, park, street, dirt, trail or the green'.

The flat consists of performing figures on the spot in the form of an acrobatic demonstration called contest or jam.

The principle of the park is to evolve on modules similar to those available in park skates. The X games is certainly the best known competition representing this use

The Street consists in using street furniture to evolve and create figures.

In the dirt, practitioners jump from one hump to the other with a space of several meters between the jump hump and the landing hump.

Trail is practiced in a field of bumps, the principle is to use the bumps to propel yourself by pedaling as little as possible, the objective is to obtain the most fluid movement possible.

The green' is a jump from a vertical slope from a ramp allowing aerial figures.

The most famous freestyle figures are bunny hop, backflip, frontflip, tailwhip, superman, no hand or busdriver, ...

Many personalities have made this sport popular such as Bob Haro, Dennis McCoy, Chase Gouin, ..

The biggest BMX brands are Redline, Haro, Intense, Fox, Mongoose, ... they are proposed in our shop from over 350 brands available in stock at the best price.

Characteristics of a BMX :

BMX race frame is longer than that intended for freestyle, which is more compact and manageable. A BMX freestyle has a rotor allowing the handlebar and the short stem to rotate 360 ​​°, BMX accessories such as pegs for a support on the wheel axles wide BMX bike grips .

Originally the frames and forks of BMX were made of steel, they are now made of aluminum or carbon in order to reduce weight and increase rigidity.

The braking system is simple it can be made up of one or two skid brakes on rim, the pedals can be automatic in the practice of BMX race on the other hand they are flat and wide in BMX freestyle.

The drivetrain of the kind of bike is only compose by a BMX chainring, a chain and a sprocket on a freewheel.