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BMX Freestyle Trail is a discipline which consists of riding on natural or landscaped courses, often composed of trails, descents, bumps, jumps and other natural or constructed obstacles. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

Function :

1. Exploration of natural terrain:

BMX Freestyle Trail allows riders to explore varied terrain, such as forest trails, mountain tracks or wooded areas, where they can practice tricks and jumps over natural or constructed obstacles.

2. Creative ride:

BMX Freestyle Trail riders use their natural surroundings to practice tricks and jumps, using elements such as roots, rocks, bumps and drops to express their creativity and riding style.

Features :

1. Frame:

Freestyle Trail BMXs are generally equipped with sturdy and durable frames, often made from chromoly steel, to withstand the stresses of rough terrain and provide a stable and secure ride.

2. Wheels and tires:

Wheels are typically equipped with medium or wide profile tires, with an aggressive tread pattern to provide optimal grip on the varied terrain encountered in trail riding.

3. Fork:

The forks on Freestyle Trail BMXs are designed to absorb shock and provide a comfortable ride over rough terrain. They can be equipped with front suspensions for additional shock absorption.

4. Transmission:

Freestyle Trail BMXs are generally equipped with simple transmissions, with a single speed, to minimize weight and simplify maintenance during trail rides.

5. Brakes:

Some riders prefer a Freestyle Trail BMX without brakes for greater freedom of movement during jumps and tricks, while others choose to have brakes for added control during fast descents or technical passages.

Practical and safe:

1. Protection:

BMX Freestyle Trail riders often wear protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads to protect against falls and collisions with natural obstacles.

2. Bicycle maintenance:

Freestyle Trail BMXs require regular maintenance to ensure components are functioning properly, including greasing bearings, adjusting suspensions and replacing worn parts.

In summary, BMX Freestyle Trail is a discipline that allows riders to explore varied natural terrain and use their surroundings to practice tricks and jumps. With specific features such as sturdy frames, wheels and tires adapted to varied terrain, and a simple transmission, Freestyle Trail BMXs offer a unique and exciting riding experience in the great outdoors.