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The term "BMX freestyle vert" can refer to several things depending on the context. If you're talking about freestyle BMX riding on vertical ramps, halfpipes, or "verts" at skateparks, then this concerns a particular discipline of freestyle BMX that focuses on jumps and tricks performed on ramps. vertical.

Function :

The main function of BMX freestyle vert is to allow riders to perform jumps and tricks on vertical ramps. Riders use speed and momentum to get up the ramp, then perform aerial tricks, spins, flips and other acrobatic tricks before returning to the ground.

Features :

1. Sturdy frame:

Green freestyle BMX bikes typically feature sturdy chromoly steel or aluminum frames, designed to withstand bumps and impacts when landing after jumps.

2. Durable tires:

The tires of green freestyle BMX bikes are often wider and more resistant than those of racing or street bikes, in order to better absorb shocks during landings.

3. Suitable stem and handlebars:

Green freestyle BMX stems and handlebars are designed to provide firm grip and precise control during jumps and tricks.

4. Brakes:

Some riders prefer green freestyle BMX bikes without brakes for greater freedom of movement, while others prefer to have them for better control when going down ramps.

5. Reinforced wheels:

The wheels of green freestyle BMX bikes are often reinforced to withstand the stress and repeated impacts of jumping and landing.

In summary, BMX freestyle vert is a discipline of BMX freestyle that emphasizes jumps and tricks performed on vertical ramps in skate parks. The bikes used in this discipline are robust, with solid frames, resistant tires, adapted stems and handlebars, as well as reinforced wheels to withstand repeated shocks and impacts.