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A Dirt MTB, also known as a Freestyle MTB or Street MTB, is specifically designed for jumps, tricks and acrobatic developments on urban courses or dirt tracks. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

Function :

1. Acrobatic practice:

The main function of a dirt mountain bike is to allow the rider to perform jumps, tricks and acrobatic figures on obstacles such as ramps, dirt modules or urban obstacles.

2. Robustness and durability:

Dirt MTBs are built to withstand the extreme shocks and stresses encountered during jumps and landings. They usually feature strong frames and reinforced components to ensure maximum durability.

Features :

1. Sturdy frame:

Dirt MTB frames are often made of steel or aluminum to provide great strength and resist impacts during landings. They are often reinforced at stress areas such as the junction of the head tube and seat tube.

2. Suspension fork:

Dirt MTBs are usually equipped with a front suspension fork to absorb shock when landing from jumps. This suspension is often tuned to provide increased firmness and quick rebound, ideal for jumps and tricks.

3. Reinforced wheels and tires:

Dirt MTB wheels are often reinforced to withstand impacts and lateral stress. The tires generally have a low profile with a smooth tread to ensure maximum grip on urban surfaces or dirt tracks.

4. Simple transmission:

Dirt MTBs often have a simple drivetrain with a single chainring in the front and a cassette in the rear to reduce weight and simplify maintenance. This also helps minimize the risk of chain snagging during jumps and tricks.

5. Powerful brakes:

Dirt MTBs are often equipped with powerful hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes to provide effective speed control when jumping and descending.

In summary, a Dirt mountain bike is designed for acrobatic practice and developments on urban courses or dirt tracks. With a sturdy frame, suspension fork, reinforced wheels and simple drivetrain, it offers the durability and performance needed to perform jumps and tricks safely.