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A MTB derailleur allows you to change gear in order to adapt your pedaling rhythm, by positioning the chain on a chainring or on one of the sprockets of the cassette.

How to choose your MTB derailleur ?

The mountain bike derailleur has rapidly evolved technically in recent years, its construction and architecture is now very different from that of a road bike.

Indeed, in the 90s the MTB drivetrain was provided with 3 chainrings and 9 gears, it now consists of one chainring and twelve gears. The chain is more flexible and the difference between the small and large sprockets of the cassette is very important. The capacity of the derailleur to maintain a constant chain tension whatever the diameter of the sprocket is greater than before, the indexing of the speeds is also more flexible and more accurate.

The mountain bike derailleur can be chosen according to the following criterias:

  • the number of gears from 5 to 12 gears,
  • the length of it cage,
  • the brand and model of the shifters or speed controls,
  • the type of actuation: mechanical or electrical,
  • the weight

Compatibility of a MTB derailleur :

Take care, to operate the brand of the lever must correspond to that of the MTB derailleur and the number of speeds admissible by the mountain bike derailleur must be the same as that of the lever. For optimal operation of your MTB drivetrain we recommend the use of an MTB derailleur of the same brand and model as that of the shifters.

It is also necessary to ensure that the number of teeth of the small and large sprocket of the cassette are admissible by the parallelogram of the mountain bike derailleur.

Finally the number of sprockets of the cassette, the number of gears for which the chain and the MTB derailleur are designed must correspond.

Maintenance and replacement of a MTB derailleur :

To keep a good level of operation, a MTB derailleur must be regularly cleaned with soapy water without pressure to remove dust and dried soil, it must also be degreased so that the dried grease stuck on the rollers is removed. It is then necessary to lubricate all the axles of the mountain bike derailleur and rollers with a special bicycle lubricant which does not stick pollutants.

In the event of significant movement in the axles or if the cage is twisted due to a fall or a broken chain, it will be necessary to replace the mountain bike derailleur because these items are not replaceable.

The MTB derailleur rollers must be replaced every two chains.

Components for MTB derailleur :

We offer a large number of parts and accessories in second hand or new cleared condition for mountain bikes at the best price among more than 350 brands such as Shimano, Sram, Microshift, ... and many models such as XTR, XT, SLX, LX, Deore, X0, X9, X7, ... for all levels of practice. You will also find in our shop shifters, chains, cassettes, chainrings and cranksets. Each cyclist, whatever their budget, can find the component corresponding to their needs.