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BMX Freestyle Flat is a BMX discipline that primarily focuses on tricks and movements performed on a flat surface, usually on hard ground such as concrete or asphalt. Here is a description of its function and characteristics:

Function :

1. Acrobatic performance:

BMX Freestyle Flat emphasizes acrobatic figures and sequences of tricks performed on a flat surface. Riders use their bikes to perform a variety of artistic movements, from spins and rotations to more complex tricks like manuals, nose manuals, tailwhips and bar spins.

2. Creativity:

BMX Freestyle Flat riders are encouraged to express their creativity by inventing new tricks and combining different techniques to create fluid and aesthetic sequences.

3. Control and balance:

This discipline requires a high level of control and balance from the rider, as many tricks involve maintaining unstable positions for an extended period of time.

Features :

1. Frame:

Freestyle Flat BMXs are generally equipped with sturdy steel or chromoly frames to withstand the stresses of repeated tricks and landings.

2. Wheels and tires:

The wheels are usually equipped with smooth and wide tires for maximum grip on the flat surface. The rims can be reinforced to resist impacts and stress during tricks.

3. Handlebar:

The handlebars on Freestyle Flat BMXs are often wider than those of other disciplines to provide more stability and control during tricks. Some riders also prefer handlebars with specific geometry, like four-piece bars, for a personalized grip feel.

4. Crankset and transmission:

Freestyle Flat BMXs are often equipped with sturdy cranksets and simple drivetrains to minimize weight and maximize responsiveness during tricks.

5. Saddle and seat post:

Saddles are generally low and light to allow greater freedom of movement during tricks. Seat posts can be equipped with quick release systems to allow easy adjustments in the field.

In summary, BMX Freestyle Flat is a discipline focused on acrobatic performance and creativity, where riders perform a variety of tricks and moves on a flat surface. With specific features such as a sturdy frame, smooth, wide tires and stable handlebars, Freestyle Flat BMXs provide an ideal platform for freestyle riders looking to push their limits and express their unique style.