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Electric bike, city and kid

A city bike is made up of more than a hundred parts. This figure increases with the electric bike which can be designed with specific components and spare parts such as the battery, the motor, the motor controller or the sensors ...


Our offer:

We propose a large number of functionnal or structural components. The wearing parts are generally new from clearance and offered at the best market price, and the operating and structural parts can be new or second-hand overhauled and checked. Their condition is noted from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new with packaging).

Certain components can also improve the performance of your bicycle, for example the case of certain tires specifically designed to be used on an electric bike.

More than 350 brands of parts and accessories are available in our shop.


For each type of parts we specify its characteristics, for example for a derailleur we indicate its brand, its model, its number of gears and its type of cage. Certain components are also specific to certain bicycle models, such as a swingarm, a battery for an electric bike or a derailleur hanger.


Many components, tools or products are available in our shop for all levels of practice to improve your comfort, reduce the weight or increase the reliability of your bike.

These accessories are generally designed to fit on your bike, whether mechanical or on an electric bike.

Electric bike:

The electric bike opens up new possibilities of use, it improves the comfort of use and allows to increase the distances. It can be an ecological and economical means of transport to get to your workplace or leisure equipment for all levels of practice, both for occasional cyclists and for competitors. Indeed, there are now championships dedicated to electric bike.

The technical evolution of this type of bike is very fast, indeed, the batteries are more and more compact and integrated in the frame, their storage capacity increases to increase autonomy, the efficiency of the motors increases for more power with reduced power consumption. The weight of an electric bike also tends to reduce, so they are more maneuverable and efficient. It is also increasingly connected, there are now applications that communicate with your bike to optimize its performance and the comfort of use of its user.

Given the complexity of an electric bike, it is necessary to maintain it regularly and to replace deteriorated parts in order to maintain its performance. You will find many technical solutions in our site for all uses and all levels of practice.

We also offer cleaning and lubrication kits specially designed for use on a bicycle.

Here are some examples of brands of electric bikes: Mustache, Scott, Lapierre, ...

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