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The mudguards of a city bike are essential elements that serve to protect the cyclist and the bike from splashes of water, mud and dirt, especially in rainy weather or on wet roads. Here is a description of their function and main characteristics:

1. Protection against splashes:

The main function of mudguards is to protect the cyclist from splashes of water, mud, stones and dirt generated by the moving bicycle wheels. This reduces splashing and keeps the rider and their clothing cleaner and drier.

2. Prevention of bicycle dirt:

Mudguards also help protect bicycle components, such as the drivetrain, brakes and mechanical parts, by reducing the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can extend their life and reduce maintenance needs. .

3. Design and materials:

City bike mudguards are usually made from plastic, aluminum or lightweight metal. They can be rigid or flexible, depending on the design and brand. Some models also feature longer mud flaps for added splash protection.

4. Compatibility:

Mudguards come in different sizes and shapes to fit different sizes of bicycle wheels and tires. It is important to choose mudguards that are compatible with the bike and its tires to ensure proper fit and optimal protection.

5. Installation:

City bike mudguards are generally easy to install and adjust, with specific attachments that mount to seatstays, forks, brake bridges and other parts of the frame. Some models may require tools for installation, while others have quick-release systems.

6. Maintenance:

It is recommended that mudguards be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, mud and debris that may accumulate, especially after rides in wet weather. This can help prevent corrosion and maintain the effectiveness of mud flaps.

7. Style and aesthetics:

City bike mudguards can come in a variety of colors and styles to suit the design and aesthetic of the bike. Some models are even designed to be more discreet and aesthetically integrated into the bike frame.

In summary, mudguards on a city bike are functional accessories that provide protection against splashes of water and dirt, while preserving the appearance of the bike. Available in different sizes, shapes and materials, they can be a useful addition for urban cyclists who regularly ride in wet weather or on poorly maintained roads.