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A bicycle handlebar is a key item in behavior and steering stability, its shape also corresponds to a position of the rider on his bicycle.

Bicycle handlebar use :

The bicycle handlebar is fixed to the stem linked to the steering. Essential components such as brake levers, shifters, grips or a bell can be assembled on this handlebar.

The shape and dimensions of a city bike or e-bike  bicycle handlebar depends on the intended end use. Indeed, a straight bicycle handlebar (MTB type) will allow good maneuverability while a wide and raised bicycle handlebar will be intended for a person looking for comfort for occasional use on a ride.

A bicycle handlebar does not require any maintenance, on the other hand in the event of a fall it is necessary to check that it has not been damaged. If it is deformed or a crack appears, it must be replaced.

City bicycle handlebar choice :

It is necessary to check the compatibility of the bicycle handlebar with the components with which it will be fixed. The fixing diameter of the binding interface with the stem must be the same, the diameter of the tube constituting the handlebar of the bicycle must correspond to that of the grips, brake levers and shifters.

bicycle handlebar can be made of chromed steel, this material is rather heavy but economical and robust, in aluminum for weight saving or in wood for better comfort and old look.

Brands specializing in the manufacture of bicycle handlebar :

The best-known manufacturers are Vélo Orange, BLB, Extra +, ITM, Ritchey, Cinelli, each of the brands offers particular shapes and colors of bicycle handlebars .

Our bicycle handlebar offer :

We offer a large number of bicycle handlebars for city, electric or children's bikes in new cleared or second-hand revised condition. New components come from clearance and are offered at the best price. Used parts are cleaned, inspected, checked for functionality and rated on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new without packaging).