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bike kickstand is an accessory that allows the bicycle to be securely positioned vertically when not in use.

Use and choice of a bike kickstand :

bike kickstand can be lateral or central. The lateral model offers one point of support, it is the most used because it is more compact and light, this type of bike kickstand is fixed behind the crankset or on the seat stays. The central model allows better stability of the bike because it is composed of two support points, this type of bike kickstand is heavier than a side version, it is intended for heavier or bulky bikes such as a bicycle cargo, electric bike, a city or urban bike.

bike kickstand does not require maintenance but regular monitoring to check its fixation and its axis of rotation.

Bike kickstand assembly :

The assembly of a bike kickstand is simple and fast because it is a standard accessory whose assembly is done by one or two screws and which adapts on the majority of the bicycles such as mountain bikes, VTC, bicycle of city, electric bike, fixie, ....

A standard tool such as an open-end wrench or an allen wrench is required to fix the kickstand to the bicycle frame.

Some models can be adjustable in length to suit the size of the bike, others can be easily cut as a bike kickstand is usually made of aluminum.

Bike kickstand brands :

Many equipment manufacturers design and manufacture kickstands for all types of bikes, this is the case of XLC, Scott, BBB, Cube, ...

Accessories in addition to a bike kickstand :

We offer many components and accessories from the biggest brands offered at the best price, this is the case of mudguards, bell, lighting systems, bottle cage, pump, computer or bags that can complete the equipment of your bike.

The bike kickstands available in used condition are cleaned, inspected and their operation is rigorously checked before they are put on sale. Their general condition is measured on a scale from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new with packaging). Parts and accessories in new condition come from stock clearance and are offered in limited quantities.