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bike saddle assembled on a city or electric model is wide on the back for maximum comfort in the raised position.

Compatibility and choice of a bike saddle:

The fixing system of a bike saddle is standard, it consists of two rails integral with the shell which are fixed in the carriage of the seatpost. With to this assembly it is possible to tilt it and move it forward or backward in relation to the handlebar.

Here are the criterias that will allow you to choose your bike saddle:

  • your position on the bike, the more you will be raised, the more weight you will apply to the points of contact with the saddle, so it will have to be wide and thick
  • the filling: the foam tends to settle over time while the gel remains constant but it is sensitive to temperature, indeed for low temperatures the gel can be firm while for high temperatures it will be fluid and therefore will have less tendency to absorb shocks.
  • length: a wide saddle corresponding to a raised position, it will be rather short
  • weight, a wide, gel-filled bike saddle can be heavy, there can be big differences in weight from model to model

Advice: we recommend that you do not use a saddle designed for cycling on a road bike, a mountain bike, a gravel or a fixie on your city bike because they do not have the same dimensions & proportions, moreover in these practices cyclists use shorts with a chamois designed for long periods of use. Finally the saddles provided with seams are to be avoided on a city bike under penalty of overheating.

Maintenance and replacement o f bike saddle:

bike saddle can be cleaned regularly with soapy water without pressure. If any cracks, sagging or indentation appear on the top or on the shell it is a sign of the end of life of your bike saddle and it should be replaced.

In the event of deformation following a fall, it is necessary to replace your bike saddle because your points of support and therefore your pelvis will no longer be balanced during pedaling.


If the comfort of your bike saddle is not sufficient and you want to improve it, we offer saddle covers with gel or foam. They are easily installed on a bike saddle without tools and without special knowledge.

To absorb the shocks coming from the contact between the wheels and the ground, it is also possible to choose a telescopic seat post, fitted with a shock absorber which will have the function of filtering part of the vibrations and shocks. The assembly of this component requires a tool, generally an allen key if it is a screwed model or a flat wrench for nut if it is a bolt model in order to assemble the bike saddle on the carriage of the seat post.

You will find in our shop a wide choice of components and spare parts in used condition and new cleared among more than 350 brands and models in stock.

Here are some examples of bike saddle brands: selle royal, selle italia, brooks, ...