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Bike headset

The bike headset is a set of components that allow the fork and the handlebar & stem to rotate relative to the frame.

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Compatibility and choice:

Before determining the part number of the headset of your bicycle, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of its mounting interfaces such as the framefork and stem.

Here is a list of criterias allowing you to converge on the headset corresponding to your bike:

  • the type of mounting in the frame: external, semi-integrated, integrated
  • the shape of the frame tube: linear or conical, as well as its diameter (1 inch and 1 "1/8 are the most common values)
  • the type of stem fixing: by plunger in the fork tube or clamped on the fork tube
  • is the fork tube smooth (standard headset) or threaded?

Here are the biggest brands that design and manufacture bicycle headsets: Race face, Dia Compe, Stronglight, ...

Assembly and maintenance:

Assembling a bike headset on your bicycle may require specific tools, especially for models with the upper cup screwed onto the fork tube. On the other hand, for headset versions, a set of standard allen keys may suffice.

Since the bike headset consists of bearings, it is necessary to adjust its functional movement. It must also be disassembled and degreased in order to remove the impurities and pollutants that could scratch the cups or damage the components of the headset.

If you use your bike regularly or in a rainy, dusty or muddy environment, we recommend that you use a waterproof bike headset model and apply a water resistant lithium grease.


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