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The bike water bottle allows you to eat during a bike ride, it is positioned in a bike water bottle cage fixed on a frame.

Use of a bike water bottle and a bicycle bottle holder:

bike water bottle consists of a locking nipple and a cap allowing its filling, its capacity can be variable. Its ergonomics make it easier to grip, use and clean. The bike bottle cage firmly holds the bike water bottle on the bike frame so that it does not come loose from the bike during use. The assembly and removal of the bottle from the bicycle bottle cage can be done while riding.

Constitution of a bike water bottle and a bicycle bottle holder:

The bike water bottle is generally made of food-grade plastic, but it can also be made of stainless steel or aluminum, it can also be insulated.

Steel or aluminum bike water bottle:

This type of bike water bottle is designed for cyclists who are looking for an impact-resistant, odorless and tasteless, easy to clean bottle.

Plastic bike water bottle :

The plastic bike water bottle is the most used because its price is more competitive than a metal model, it is also lighter. But it must be replaced regularly because the plastic even if it is food degrades over time.

Isothermal bike water bottle:

This type of bike water bottle allows you to maintain the temperature of the liquid it contains, whether hot or cold, for a longer period than a classic bicycle bottle. It can be plastic or metal, its choice is essentially linked to its capacity and its ability to maintain the temperature of the liquid for a long time.

The bike bottle cage can be made of aluminum or plastic, its shape is defined to ensure a good hold of the water bottle on the bike and to facilitate its exit or its insertion in the bike bottle cage.

Metal bike bottle cage :

The metal bike bottle cage provides good support for the bottle on the bike, its weight is slightly higher than a plastic model but more robust in the event of shocks or falls.

Plastic bike bottle cage :

This type of bike bottle cage is more economical than a metal model, it is also lighter but more fragile.

Assembly of a bike bottle cage :

The fixture of a bike bottle cage is very simple and only requires a set of allen keys. Two screws go through the bike bottle cage to tighten on the bike frame.

How to maintain my bike water bottle and my bicycle bottle holder?

Whatever the material of your bike water bottle, we recommend cleaning it after each use. You can use washing up liquid and a bottle brush to reach the bottom and the inner walls of the bicycle bottle, it is also necessary to clean the pacifier and the cap well. In order to avoid the appearance of mold, we recommend that you store your bicycle bottle upright, with the cap open.

It is not recommended to put your bike water bottle in the dishwasher because its temperature could damage it. Likewise, it is not allowed to put your bicycle bottle in the microwave. In contrast, plastic models can be placed in the refrigerator but not in the freezer.

The lifespan of a plastic container is generally 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Brands of bike water bottles and bicycle bottle holders:

Several brands of accessories offer bike water bottles and cages of their design and manufacture, they offer a wide choice of models and sound at the forefront of the latest innovations. This is the case with Elite, Zefal, Tacx, Camelback or BBB.

Accessories in addition to a bike water bottle and a cage :

We offer a large number of complementary components to a bike water bottle and a bicycle bottle holder such as saddlebags, pumps, repair kits or btwin, SKS, Zefal mudguards, ... more than 350 brands are available in stock, at the best price !

Checks of a second hand bike water bottle and water bottle holder:

All our parts, accessories and components in second hand condition are checked before they are put on sale. Here are the control criteria that we apply to estimate the condition of a bike water bottle and a bicycle bottle holder.

A/ Bike water bottle :

  • visual inspection of the entire bike water bottle, cap and pacifier
  • washing, cleaning and disinfection of the pacifier, the cap and the inside and outside of the bike water bottle
  • mounting in a bike bottle cage to check that the bottle is not deformed

B/ Bike bottle cage :

  • visual inspection of the entire bike bottle cage and the attachment areas with the bicycle frame
  • cleaning
  • assemble a bike water bottle to check that it is properly held in the bike bottle cage