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A city bike's shifters, also known as derailleur levers, control the shifting of gears on the bike. Here is a description of their main functions and characteristics:

1. Shift function:

Shifters allow the rider to shift from one gear ratio to another, allowing them to adapt the pedaling resistance depending on the terrain or their own preference.

2. Location:

Shifters are generally located on the handlebars of the bicycle, near the brake levers. They can be mounted so that they are easily accessible without the rider having to remove their hands from the handlebars.

3. Number of gears:

City bikes can have different gear configurations, from a few gears to a wide range of gears. Shifters can be designed to control one or more front and rear derailleurs, providing access to different gear ratio combinations.

4. Control Type:

There are two main types of shifters: derailleur shifters and hub shifters. Shifters are most common on city bikes and work by moving the front and rear derailleur to change gears. Hub shifters, on the other hand, are integrated into the rear wheel hub and are less common on city bikes.

5. Ergonomics:

Shifters are generally designed to provide easy and comfortable handling. They are often equipped with ergonomic, non-slip levers to allow smooth and precise gear changes.

6. Gear Indicators:

Some shifters may be equipped with visual or tactile indicators to help the rider know which gear gear is currently engaged, which can be useful for beginner riders or in difficult conditions. low light.

In summary, the shifters of a city bike are essential components that allow the rider to effectively control power transmission by adjusting gear ratios according to riding conditions. They are designed to provide easy, ergonomic and precise handling, to improve the driving experience.