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The braking system of a road bike can be with rim pads or hydraulic disc, it is a safety item so that requires special attention.

Use of a road bike brake :

For many years the road bike brake consisted of a caliper actuated by a cable from a brake lever and pads designed to come into contact with the brake bands of the rims. In recent years, disc brakes have appeared, their calipers can be activated by cable or by hydraulic control, this braking system is assembled on very recent road bikes and intended for experienced cyclists and competitors.

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, in fact the traditional assembly is lighter than a disc system, on the other hand it will be less progressive and less effective on carbon rims even if the composition of the brake pads improves for this material. A brake caliper with pads will also tend to wear the rims, if they are made of carbon, this will be even more true in particular in the rain, dust will tend to abrade the braking bands; the pads can also come into contact with the rim if it is warped.

Compatibility of a road bike brake :

The mounting system provided on the fork and on the frame of your road bike determines the type of brake to choose. A brake caliper with pads is fixed by a threaded rod while a disc brake caliper is held by two screws. In addition, the wheel hubs are fitted with six tapped holes or a center lock nut (shimano standard) for fixing the disc.

The use of carbon rims with a brake for road bike with pads requires the use of pads specific to this type of material.

For disc braking it is possible to choose its diameter, the larger it will be the more efficient it will be because its cooling will be effective, however it will be needed to provide for the use of an adapter between the caliper and its attachment to the frame or the fork.

Advices: it is necessary to choose brake pads whose material is compatible with the disc indeed there are pads metallic, semi-metallic or resin.

Maintenance of a road bike brake :

A regular cleaning with soapy water without pressure and visual inspection of the brake pads, brake bands, cables, pads, discs and hoses is needed in order to check the state of wear of these items but also possible leaks on a hydraulic system. The values ​​of the tightening torques of each screwed element must also be checked periodically.

Components for road bike brake :

We offer a wide number of parts and accessories in used condition or new cleared at the best price for all levels of use. You will find in our shop a wide choice of brake pads, discs, pads, caliper, screws, cables and hydraulic system for road bikes from the biggest brands such as road bike brakes Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, Hayes, Avid, ...