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The wheels of a road bike are essential in the behavior, comfort and performance of your bike.

Use of a road bike wheel :

The road bike wheel consists of a rim, spokes, a hub, a freewheel for the rear wheel, a quick release, a tire with an inner tube or a hose and a disc when braking is done by a disc brake.

The models intended for cycle touring or sport have a traditional assembly with generally double-wall aluminum rims, round or flat steel spokes and hubs fitted with ball or annular bearings. This type of wheel is intended for comfort and reliability.

A road bike wheel intended for competition are lighter, their aluminum rim have a welded connection for better rigidity but they can also be made of carbon for a gain in weight and rigidity. The spokes can be tubular aluminum or carbon or fiber cables. The hubs have annular or ceramic bearings with a very low coefficient of friction and which does not require maintenance. This type of wheel is designed for performance research.

Compatibility of a road bike wheel :

Here are some criteria for choosing a road bike wheel:

    • its diameter
    • your use level: hiking, sport hiking, competition,
    • for tire or tubular. The rim width must correspond to the section of the tire chosen
    • the braking system: with brake pads on rim or with disc brake
    • the number of gears that can accept the freewheel
    • the type of bearings: steel, ceramic ball or annular
    • the height of the rim profile. A high profile is used for the performance research: triathlon, .... The rims intended for ascents or multi-purpose have a flat profile.
    • rim material: aluminum or carbon
    • the number of spokes
    • rim and spoke technology
    • the weight

    Maintenance of a road bike wheel :

    A pair of wheels on a road bike is subject to many stresses: road imperfections such as potholes or holes cause shocks to the rim, the spokes and then the hub. It is necessary to regularly check the sail and the jump and movements in the axle. The highest-end wheels are generally so rigid that they take almost no jump or sail and their axles require no adjustment. For rims intended for pad brakes, the braking bands require regular monitoring in order to check their level of wear is still acceptable, in fact, a hollowed braking band announces the end of the rim's life.

    To perpetuate a road bike wheel it is necessary to clean it with soapy water without pressure, ideally after each ride. The tire pressure value must be sufficient to achieve the desired grip and road holding, but also not to damage the rim due to impacts with the ground surface.

    Axis ball bearings need lubrication and regular adjustment.

    Accessories for road bike wheel :

    We offer a large number of components for your road bike wheel such as tires, rim tape, cassettes, ... among more than 350 brands available in stock at the best price in revised second hand condition or new cleared .

    Here are some examples of wheel brands: Mavic, Zipp, Shimano, Fullcrum, ...