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Unlock Your Potential: Find the Perfect Saddle for Your Road Adventure!

A road bike saddle is a key component in comfort, especially for long rides.

Function of a road bike saddle :

A road bike saddle is more rigid than the mountain bike models, it is also longer in order to accept several positions. The front part is used for pedaling in velocity while the rear part allows pedaling in force.

The choice of a road bike saddle is based on personal characteristics, indeed, there is not a saddle or a type of bike saddle that can suit everyone because each has its own morphology.

Criteria for choosing a road bike saddle:

The choice of a road bike saddle is essential, especially when you do a lot of kilometers, its shape and width, its trim and its shell are essential criterias.

    The first is the gender, indeed, there are saddles for women and others for men because their morphologies and their points of support are not identical. Not all individuals have the same pelvis width, for woman the pelvic bones, the ischia rest differently on the saddle.

    A road bike saddle is generally flat, it can be partially or completely split and the semi-open or no-beak shapes help to limit the pressure on the perineum and therefore improve comfort.

    Some high-end models for the most demanding cyclists also have a removable spout to customize the length of the saddle and improve blood circulation.

    The use of carbon in the constitution of saddles intended for cycling makes it possible to reduce the weight but this material increase its rigidity.

    The choice of width also influences the position of your support points and therefore your comfort of use

    The fixing of the vast majority of saddles available on the market is standard, it is made of two metal or carbon rails, on which the carriage of the seatpost is fixed. These rails allow the adjustment of the saddle to the handlebar.

A pair of shorts with a quality chamois will reduce any uncomfortable pressures, but it will not eliminate them.

Maintenance and replacement of a road bike saddle :

road bike saddle simply requires regular cleaning with soapy water to maintain an acceptable appearance. Deformations or tears following a fall, we recommend to replace your saddle otherwise the position of your pelvis will be unbalanced by an unsuitable saddle structure.

Sagging or the appearance of a hollow in the center on your road bike saddle can be a sign of pronounced wear, in this case it will be necessary to consider its replacement.

Accessories with road bike saddle :

We offer a large number of components and parts from more than 350 brands and models in stock for road cycling. Many seat posts and seat collars presented in our shop can complete the choice of your road bike saddle.

Here are some examples of bicycle saddle brands: fizik, selle italia, san marco, ...