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The road bike seatpost is a device that holds the saddle to the frame of the bike.

Features of a road bike seat post:

road bike seatpost generally consists of a tube to which a saddle carriage is attached. The seat tube is used to vary the height of the saddle relative to the road bike crankset, it also allows the orientation of the saddle to be adjusted relative to the road bike stem. The saddle carriage is used to adjust the distance between the saddle and the road bike handlebar, this adjustment is also called saddle setback; the saddle carriage is also intended to orient the saddle relative to the horizontal.

Some road bike frame manufacturers have chosen to develop their own road bike seatpost whose shape is not round, it is specific to the shape of the vertical tube of the frame, this is the case with certain Look cycle models, Time, BMC, ....

How to choose your road bike seat post ?

Here are the criteria allowing you to identify the road bike seatpost corresponding to your needs.

For road bike frame models which are designed for a tube that is not in round shape, you will have no other choice to use the road bike seatpost corresponding to the brand and model of your road bike.

On the other hand, if the frame of your road bike is designed for a round road bike seatpost then the choice will be wider. In this case, you will need to determine:

  • the diameter of the tube of the road bike seatpost 
  • tube length
  • the material of the road bike seat post
  • the weight

road bike seatpost can be made of aluminum or of carbon that is lighter and more rigid than aluminum, unfortunately carbon is not recyclable.

When fitting the seatpost of your road bike, we recommend that you apply grease between the tube and the frame of the road bike in order to prevent it from locking after a few months.

What are the brands of road bike seatpost:

Some brands are specialized in the design and manufacture of road bike seatposts, such as FSA, Thomson, Dedacciai, BBB, Velo Orange seatposts or 4ZA which offer quality road bike seatposts, in carbon or aluminum of all types and sizes.

Inspection criteria for a road bike seatpost:

All components and parts offered in second hand condition in our shop are carefully checked following rigorous control points.

Here are the items that we check on the second hand road bicycle seatposts available on our website:

  • visual inspection of each component of the road bike seatpost (detection of shocks, scratches, etc.)
  • checking of all screwed items (threads)
  • tube diameter measurement

Based on our observations and experience, the condition of each road bike seatpost is rated from 0 (for parts) to 10 (new in its packaging).

Components in addition to a road bike seat post:

You will find in our shop many parts and accessories allowing you to assemble your road bike seatpost, such as road bike saddles, saddle clamps or tools, among the biggest brands available in stock. The components in new condition are from stock clearance and offered at the best price !