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A stem is a key component in the comfort, stability and responsiveness of your road bike. Indeed, a long stem will provide good handling, while a short stem will give you a lively direction.

The characteristics of a road bicycle stem can be personalized so that your position on the bike corresponds to your body type: its length and angle are criteria that can be chosen.

road bike stem can be aluminum or carbon which is a stiffer and lighter material.

Here are some examples of brands specializing in the design and manufacture of road bike stem: Ritchey, 3T, Dedacciai, PRO, Specialized, Coda, ....

Compatibility and assembly of a road bike stem :

Choosing a road bike stem requires to identify the diameter of the clamping interface with the handlebar (25.4 mm or 31.8 mm) and the type of attachment to the fork tube. The models that tighten on the smooth fork tube will be standard headset diameter 25.4 mm or 28.6 mm, the versions that assemble in the fork tube are stem plungers, in this case the headset will be screwed on the fork tube.

There is no precise rule to determine the length and the angle of a road bike stem, it is necessary to test several configurations in order to find the best setting corresponding to your body type, however, in order to obtain the better comfort we recommend that the handlebar and the saddle are at the same level.

Tip: we recommend that you respect the tightening torques of the items screwed when you will assemble your road bike stem because certain materials such as carbon can crack if the tightening force is too high.

Maintenance of a road bike stem :

A stem is a component called peripheral which does not require maintenance operations, on the other hand we recommend that you regularly clean it with soapy water in order to remove the pollutants which can accumulate in the tightening heads of the screws. It is also necessary to check that there are no traces of rust on the threads and on the heads of the screws, a thin layer of grease on the screwed elements makes it possible to prevent the risks of oxidation.

Since a road bike stem is subjected to vibrations and strong mechanical stresses we advise you to regularly check the values ​​of the tightening torques of the screws.

Components for road bikes :

We offer a wide number of parts, accessories and tools among more than 350 brands available in stock at the best price in revised second hand condition or new cleared.

You will find in our shop a wide choice of road bike stem, of all length, angle, material, type or diameter of fixing.