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The particularity of a road bike handlebar, unlike other practices, is that it can be held by the cyclist in several areas: from above for a raised position, by the shifters for an intermediate position and by the lower part for an aerodynamic position or in pursuit. With this last position, the grip and the force applicable to the brake levers are greater than for the other positions, and will therefore be preferred for descents.

Compatibility and choice of road bike handlebar:

road bike handlebar can have a traditional, compact or ergonomic shape, different widths and different stem mount diameters are available.

Choice criteria:

  • Type: monobloc with integrated or individual stem
  • handlebar shape
  • width between axiss: 42, 44 or 46 centimeters
  • fixing diameter with stem: 25.4 mm or 31.8 mm (oversize)
  • material: aluminum or carbon for weight gain and rigidity
  • the weight

Advice: the choice of width is an important criteria because if you use a road bike handlebar that does not correspond to your body type you risk having pain in the cervical region in the case of a model that is too wide, and your balance on the bike will be limited in the case of a too short version.

On some models of handlebars the passage of cables and sheaths of brakes and derailleurs is provided in hollow, this shape allows to obtain the same positioning of the sheaths on each side of the stem and a better grip of the handlebar after the assembly of the bar tape.

Assembly, maintenance and replacement:

The assembly of a road bike handlebar does not require specific tools, a set of btr keys may be sufficent.

This type of component does not require any particular follow-up except in the event of a fall, it will then be necessary to check that the road bike handlebar is not deformed or cracked, in the case of carbon, it will be necessary to remove the handlebar tape to check the completeness of the handlebar. In the event of a major defect (crack or deformation), it will have to be changed.

When tightening the stem and the levers on the road bike handlebar, it is necessary to respect the values ​​of the tightening torques in order not to damage the bolted items and the handlebar.


All the components that can be assembled on a road bike handlebar are available in our shop such as handlebar tape, stems, levers, brake levers and tools from more than 350 brands in second hand condition or new cleared at the best price. Here are some examples of road bike handlebar brands: ITM Dedacciai, 3T, Modolo, Ritchey ...

Advice: if your practice is regular in sport hiking or in competition, we recommend that you use a thick bar tape in order to partially dampen the vibrations coming from the contact between the road bike front wheel and the ground.