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It transmits the power of the cyclist to the road bike drivetrain and then to the rear wheel.

Compatibility and choice of road bike pedals :

The road bike pedals can be flat, with toe clips and straps or clipless.

The flat pedal can be used with any type of shoes, the addition of accessories such as a toe and a strap makes it possible to join the foot and the pedal in order to improve the efficiency of pedaling but it can be difficult to separate the foot from the pedal in the event of an unexpected situation. The clipless pedals allows an easy and quick release by a simple rotation of the foot while holding together the foot, shoe and pedal assembly.

Here are the characteristics allowing to define the pair of pedals adapted to its use:

  •       The type of pedals: flat pedals can be used for occasional use, the addition of toe clips and straps will be necessary for use in sportive way. The clipless pedals are intended for cyclists who regularly do road cycling.
  • The thread of their fixing axis must be compatible with that of the cranks, it can be of two types: the French pitch 14mm x 1.25mm used on old racing bikes, this standard is no longer industrialized, the international pitch 9 / 16 ″ x 20 threads per inch (14.29mm x 1.27mm) used on current road bikes
    • The greater the contact area between the sole of the shoe and the pedal, the greater the force transmission will be
    •         The adjustment possibilities: hardness of engagement and angular freedom
    •         The compatibility between shoes and pedals, in fact certain models fitted with a rigid sole do not allow all models of cleats for clipless pedals to be attached. For example, the fixing of Look cleats is done by three screws while that of Shimano cleats is done by two screws.

    Maintenance and replacement of road pedals :

    Road bike pedals do not require regular maintenance, only a visual inspection of the moving, screwed parts and the movement in the axles can be enough. Regular cleaning with soapy water without pressure can remove dust and other pollutants that could reduce the performance of your pedals.

    On the other hand, the cleats fixed on the shoes for engagement in clipless pedals wear out in contact with the ground and the pedals, they must be replaced regularly. Their level of wear is visually estimated.

    Assembling a pair of pedals may require a flat wrench or a set of allen keys.

    Components and accessories:

    We offer a wide choice of clipless or flat pedals as well as the associated components (toe clips, straps, cleats, ...) for road bikes from the biggest brands: Look, Time, Wellgo, Shimano, ... Many parts and accessories among more than 350 brands in second hand condition or new cleared are offered at the best price in our shop.