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They consist of a skewer, which is a long, threaded rod with a cam lever on one end, and a pair of conical springs and a nut on the other end. Here are the primary functions of bicycle quick releases for wheels:

Wheel Removal and Installation:

The main function of a quick release is to provide a convenient and efficient method for removing and installing wheels on a bicycle. By flipping open the lever, the tension on the skewer is released, allowing the wheel to be quickly and easily removed from the bike frame or fork dropouts. When reinstalling the wheel, the lever is closed to secure the skewer, providing a tight and secure connection.

Tool-Free Operation:

Quick releases eliminate the need for tools, such as wrenches or allen keys, to remove or install wheels. This feature is particularly beneficial for cyclists who frequently transport or store their bikes, as it allows for rapid wheel removal without the need for additional tools.

On-the-Go Repairs:

Quick releases enable riders to quickly repair a punctured or damaged tire. By releasing the quick release lever, the wheel can be easily removed and replaced with a spare or repaired tube, allowing the rider to get back on the road more efficiently. This feature is particularly advantageous during races or long rides where time is critical.

Wheel Security:

While quick releases allow for easy wheel removal, they are designed to provide secure and reliable wheel attachment during normal riding conditions. When properly tightened, the quick release skewer exerts enough clamping force to hold the wheel securely in place, ensuring stable and safe riding.


Quick releases offer a degree of adjustability to accommodate different hub widths. By adjusting the position of the nut on the skewer, the quick release can accommodate variations in hub spacing, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of bicycle frames and forks.

It is important to note that while quick releases are suitable for most types of cycling, they may not be recommended for certain disciplines that involve extreme forces or high speeds, such as downhill mountain biking or track cycling. In these cases, through-axle systems or bolt-on axles are often preferred for their enhanced strength and security.