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Pedals for all cyclists, for all journeys - discover our selection.

The function of bicycle pedals is to provide a contact surface between the cyclist's foot and the cranks of the bicycle, thereby transferring the force generated by the rotating legs to propel the bicycle.

Here are some common features and standards of bicycle pedals:

1. Type of pedals:

- Flat pedals: They offer a large contact surface, often used for city cycling or mountain biking.
- Automatic or cleated pedals: They attach to special shoes equipped with cleats, allowing better power transfer and a secure connection between the cyclist and the bike. They are popular among road and mountain bikers.

2. Material:

- Aluminum: Lightweight and durable.
- Steel: Robust but heavier than aluminum.
- Composite: Mixture of plastic and fibers, offering lightness and resistance.

3. Contact surface:

- Some pedals have a rough surface or nubs to provide better grip, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

4. Bearing system:

- Ball bearings: The most common, providing smooth movement of the pedals.
- Sealed bearings: Designed to resist water and dirt, they require less maintenance.

5. Axle size:

- Pedal axles are generally standard size to fit bicycle cranks, but there are variations for different types of bicycles and cranksets.

6. Compatibility:

- The pedals must be compatible with the cyclist's cleats and shoes, as well as with the type of bicycle used (mountain bike, road, etc.).

7. Fixing:

- Pedals are usually attached to the cranks using a standard thread, but tool-free quick-attach systems are also available.

In summary, bicycle pedals play a vital role in transmitting power from the rider to the bicycle, and they come in a variety of types, materials, and styles to meet the needs and preferences of each rider.