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Toe clips bike pedals MKS steel size M zoom_in
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  • Toe clips bike pedals MKS steel size M

Toe clips bike pedals MKS steel size M

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Toe clips set for road bike, fixie MKS , size M, material: steel, screws and nuts supplied, new in a packaging.

Toe clips bike pedals MKS for road bike, fixie or track bike

  • matierial: chromed steel,
  • screws and nuts supplied
  • size M,
  • new in a packaging

These toe clips bike pedals are sold without straps, the passage hole on the top of each toe clip is standard.


Use of these toe clips bike pedals :

These MKS bicycle toe clips are designed to be used for road cycling, sport trekking or for a ride, fixie or track. They improve the hold of the foot on the pedal, the pedaling is therefore smoother and more efficient. These toe clips are not recommended for use in mountain biking because their shape does not allow the foot to be released quickly from the pedal, in fact the models intended for mountain biking are not provided with a strap, the shape of the upper part of the footrest is shorter.

The MKS bicycle foot clips are made of robust, light, flexible, solid and corrosion-resistant steel thanks to their chrome coating, they will have a long lifespan. Their shape adapts to all types of shoes whether they are with rigid or flexible soles.

MKS Japan (Mikashima Industrial Co. Ltd.) is a manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality pedals and accessories. This company, founded in 1943, has acquired and developed expertise and mastery in the production of high-end pedals and accessories.

Compatibility of MKS toe clips bike pedals :

The bicycle toe clips are attached to flat pedals of all brands and models equipped with two holes per pedal for their attachment with the screws provided. The passage of the strap (not supplied) is provided on each foot block. We recommend that you choose a strap of at least 390 mm in length.

Mounting these toe clips bike pedals :

The assembly of these bicycle toe clips is very simple and fast, it requires a set of open-end wrenches and a screwdriver. All fasteners are provided. Before installing the screws, we recommend that you apply a strong threadlocker to the screw threads in order to avoid their potential loosening during pedaling.

  • Apply threadlocker to the threads of each screw
  • Put each toe clip on the front part of each pedal
  • Put the screws on the toe clips and the nuts inside each pedal
  • Adjust the positioning of each toe clip on each pedal
  • Torque tighten the fixing screws

Accessories in addition to these toe clips bike pedals :

We offer a large number of complementary components to these bicycle toe clips such as pedals, straps and shoes made of a rigid sole.

Our offer is regularly renewed by adding parts and accessories in used condition or new from stock clearance at the best prices for all uses and all levels of use.

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