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Derailleurs designed for performance, for journeys without limits - with us, quality is there.

Here is a description of the function, features and standards of a bicycle derailleur:

Function :

The bicycle derailleur is a mechanism that allows you to change speed by moving the chain between different sprockets or chainrings. Its main role is to adjust the chain tension on the different combinations of sprockets and chainrings in order to optimize pedaling efficiency and provide the appropriate resistance depending on the terrain.

Features :

1. Lightweight and sturdy construction:

Derailleurs are typically made from aluminum, steel, or alloy to ensure both lightness and durability. They are designed to withstand operating stresses, such as chain tension and shock during gear changes.

2. Shifting precision:

The derailleurs are equipped with precise mechanisms that allow for quick and smooth gear changes. High-end models often use sealed bearings and high-quality materials to ensure precise and reliable shifting action.

3. Compatibility with transmission systems:

Derailleurs are designed to be compatible with different types of drivetrain systems, such as single, double, or triple chainring drivetrains at the front, and cassette drivetrains at the rear. They can also be designed to work with mechanical or electronic transmission systems.

4. Adjustment and maintenance:

The derailleurs are equipped with adjustment screws that allow you to adjust the chain tension and the positioning of the derailleur for optimal operation. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, is necessary to keep the derailleur functioning properly and extend its life.


Derailleurs come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit different types of bikes and drivetrain systems. Major derailleur manufacturers, such as Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo, offer a range of models to meet the needs of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. The derailleurs are also designed to be compatible with different levels of component range, giving riders a wide choice depending on their preferences and budget.

In summary, the bicycle derailleur is a crucial part of the drivetrain that enables quick and precise shifting, contributing to a smooth and efficient riding experience. It's built to be lightweight, sturdy, and compatible with a variety of drivetrain systems to meet the needs of riders of all skill levels.