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Find the perfect balance between style and performance with our bike frames.

The bicycle frame is the central element of a bicycle's structure, playing a crucial role in its stability, durability, handling and overall performance. Here is a description of its function, its characteristics and the associated standards:

Function :

1. Structural support:

The bicycle frame provides the basic structure on which all other components of the bicycle are mounted, such as wheels, fork, handlebars, drivetrain, etc.

2. Power transfer:

It allows the power generated by the cyclist to be transferred efficiently from the pedals to the wheels, thus ensuring the propulsion of the bicycle.

3. Stability:

The frame contributes to the overall stability of the bike, ensuring a safe and predictable ride in different terrain and speed conditions.

4. Shock absorption:

It absorbs some of the vibrations and shocks encountered while riding, thus providing an additional level of comfort to the cyclist.

Features :

1. Material:

Bicycle frames are typically made from aluminum, steel, titanium, or carbon fiber. Each material has its own advantages in terms of weight, stiffness, durability and cost.

2. Geometry:

Frame geometry, including top tube length, head tube angle and seat tube angle, influences the rider's position on the bike, its handling and responsiveness.

3. Size:

Bike frames come in different sizes to suit the rider's body shape and preferences. Frame size is usually measured based on seat tube length or frame height.

4. Frame type:

There are different types of bicycle frames suitable for different practices, such as road frames, MTB frames, gravel frames, BMX frames, etc. Each type of frame is designed to meet the specific requirements of its respective discipline.


1. Bottom bracket size:

Bicycle frames are designed to accommodate different types of bottom brackets, such as threaded or pressed bottom brackets, depending on the type of drivetrain used.

2. Head tube diameter:

Head tube diameter is an important standard for fork and stem compatibility.