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Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L zoom_in
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  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L
  • Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L

Road bike frameset GT carbon Pro size L

  • Carbon Pro
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GT carbon Pro road bike frame kit

  • size L, length of the vertical tube: 48.5 cms between axles and 53 cms from the axis of the bottom bracket to the top of the tube, length of the horizontal tube between axis 55 cms
  • material: carbon
  • for wheels diameter 700
  • for rim pad brakes
  • for a BB30 standard bottom bracket
  • for a braze-on front derailleur
  • cable guide, carbon seat post (diameter 31.6 mm), seat clamp, derailleur hanger, fork and headset supplied
  • missing 2 bottle holder screws
  • length of fork tube from headset to cut end 64 mm
  • weight 1.8 kgs overall
  • new without packaging, this frame has already been assembled but it has not been used, it has some scratches from storage, see photos


Carbon Frame for Road Bike: The Elegance of Lightness

Frame choice is a crucial decision for road cycling enthusiasts. The frame plays a vital role in performance, comfort and the riding experience. Among the frame materials available, carbon has become synonymous with elegance, lightness and high performance. In this article we will explore the world of carbon road bike frames in detail, looking at their features, benefits and importance in the world of cycling.

The Art of Carbon Engineering

Carbon is a material of choice for road bike frames due to its exceptional properties. Manufacturing carbon frames is a complex process that relies on layering layers of carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. This technique produces a light, rigid and resistant material, ideal for road bike frames.

Key Features of the Carbon Frame

Carbon frames are characterized by several elements that make them a popular choice among road cyclists. Here are some of the key features often found in carbon frames:

1. Lightness:

Carbon is known for its lightness. Carbon frames make it possible to build lightweight road bikes that provide easy climbing and maneuverability.

2. Rigidity:

Carbon frames provide exceptional rigidity, which results in efficient power transmission. Every pedal stroke is transformed into speed.

3. Absorption of Vibrations:

Carbon has the ability to absorb vibrations, which improves driving comfort on rough roads.

4. Aerodynamics:

Carbon frames are often designed with aerodynamic shapes to reduce drag and improve speed.

5. Versatility:

Carbon frames are suitable for a variety of riding styles, from touring to road racing.

6. Aesthetic Design:

Carbon frames stand out for their elegant appearance, which combines form and function.

The Advantages of the Carbon Frame

Carbon frames offer many benefits to road cyclists. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1. Lightness:

Carbon frames are some of the lightest available, making climbs easier and enabling rapid acceleration.

2. Rigidity:

The stiffness of the carbon ensures efficient power transmission, allowing for fast and responsive driving.

3. Driving Comfort:

The vibration absorption properties of carbon provide excellent comfort over long distances.

4. Aerodynamics:

Aerodynamic carbon frames reduce drag, which improves speed on flat roads.

5. Versatility:

Carbon frames are versatile and accommodate a variety of riding styles, from touring to road racing.

6. Sustainability:

Carbon frames are designed to withstand the stresses of road riding and provide a long lifespan.

How to Choose a Carbon Frame

When choosing a carbon frame, it is essential to consider several factors to find the one that suits your needs. Here are some points to consider:

1. Cycling Style:

Determine what style of cycling you do most frequently, whether it's road racing, touring, triathlon, or something else. Choose a frame that suits your style.

2. Frame Size:

Make sure the frame you choose fits your size for a comfortable ride.

3. Budget:

Set a realistic budget before you begin your search. Carbon frames come in a range of prices.

4. Performance Level:

If you are an experienced cyclist, you can opt for a high-end carbon frame that offers superior performance.

5. Brand and Model:

Research brands known for the quality of their carbon frames. Read reviews and get recommendations.


The carbon frame is a popular choice for road cyclists looking for lightness, stiffness, comfort and performance. It embodies the elegance of modern technology and advanced engineering. When you choose a carbon frame, you are opting for lightness and stiffness, improving your performance and riding experience on the road. Don't underestimate the positive impact a carbon frame can have on your bike. Get ready to ride in style, reach new speeds and take on new challenges thanks to the magic of lightweight carbon.

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    8: assembled but not used

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    Road bike

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    Brake on rim


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