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For a person who is 1.75 meters tall, the choice of bike frame size will depend in part on the specific make and model of the bike, as well as the geometry of the frame. However, here are some general recommendations and advice:

1. Size M or L:

- Most of the time, a person who is 1.75 meters tall will opt for a size M or L frame, depending on personal preference and frame geometry.
- If you have longer legs relative to your height, you might prefer a size M frame for a more aggressive riding position.
- If you have longer arms or prefer a more comfortable riding position, you might want to upgrade to a size L frame for a little more stretch.

2. Consult the size guides:

- Check the size guides provided by the manufacturer of the bike you are considering purchasing. They will give you specific recommendations based on the frame geometry of their model.

3. Experiment:

- If possible, try different frame designs and sizes to find the one that suits you best. Sit on the bike, test the riding position and make sure you feel comfortable and in control.

4. Consider your driving style:

- Consider your preferred riding style and comfort level on the bike. If you plan to do long rides or hikes, you might prefer a slightly larger frame for a more comfortable riding position.

5. Get advice from a cycling expert:

- If you have access to a local bike shop, ask a cycling expert to help you determine the appropriate frame size. They can use their experience and expertise to guide you towards the best choice.

By following these tips and carrying out proper testing, you will be able to choose the bike frame size that suits you best, ensuring a comfortable fit and an enjoyable riding experience.