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  • Commencal Essence frame size L grey
  • Commencal Essence frame size L
  • Commencal Essence frame size L aluminium
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  • Commencal Essence frame
  • Commencal Essence XC MTB frame

Commencal Essence frame size L

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Commencal Essence frame

  • size L (length of the horizontal tube between axes 57 cms, 50 cms from the axis of the bottom bracket to the top of the tube)
  • for wheels diameter 26 inches
  • material : aluminium
  • for disc brakes only
  • bottom bracket box width 68 mm
  • for a front derailleur with collar diameter 31.8 mm (cable pull by the bottom)
  • derailleur hanger and cables guide supplied
  • for a seatpost diameter 27.2 mm
  • for a seatpost collar inner diameter 31.9 mm
  • headset tube inner diameter 33.5 mm
  • for a bottom bracket BSC thread 1.37 x 24
  • weight 1.5 kgs
  • new without packaging, assembled but not used, scratches and 2 small dents on the horizontal tube, see photos


The Commencal Framework: Excellence in French mountain biking

Mountain biking (All-Terrain Biking) is a demanding discipline that requires quality equipment to meet the needs of cyclists. The choice of frame is essential, as it directly influences performance, comfort and the driving experience. Among mountain bike frame brands, Commencal stands out as a leader in the mountain bike industry. In this article we will explore the world of the Commencal frame in depth, looking at its features, benefits and importance in the world of mountain biking.

The Essence of Commencal

Commencal is a French company founded by Max Commencal, a mountain bike enthusiast, in 2000. The company is based in Andorra, a small country nestled in the Pyrenees, providing an ideal playground for testing and developing off-road bikes. . Commencal stands out for its commitment to innovation, quality and the distinctive design of its frames, making it a preferred choice for demanding cyclists.

The Key Features of the Commencal Framework

The Commencal frame is designed to meet the needs of mountain bikers and comes with distinctive features that set it apart. Here are some of the key features commonly found in Commencal frames:

1. Advanced Geometry:

Commencal frames are known for their advanced geometry that provides exceptional stability and handling. This geometry is adapted to the most varied terrains, allowing cyclists to meet all challenges.

2. Quality Materials:

Commencal uses high quality materials to manufacture its frames, including aluminum and carbon. These materials offer an optimal combination of lightness, strength and durability.

3. Performance Suspension:

Commencal's full suspension frames are equipped with high performance suspensions, providing excellent damping for a smooth ride, even over rough terrain.

4. Ingenious Details:

Commencal pays particular attention to details. The frames come with ingenious features like integrated frame protectors, internal cable routing and clever adjustments.

5.Unique Design:

Commencal frames stand out for their unique and aesthetic design, which combines form and function in a harmonious way. They often feature bright colors and striking graphics.

The Benefits of the Commencal Framework

Commencal frames offer many benefits to mountain bikers, whether they are beginners or seasoned experts. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1. High Level Performance:

Commencal frames are designed to deliver peak performance. Their advanced geometry, performance suspension and light weight allow riders to explore difficult terrain with ease.

2. Driving Comfort:

The efficient suspensions and ingenious details of Commencal frames guarantee exceptional driving comfort, even on technical trails.

3. Stability and Maneuverability:

The advanced geometry of Commencal frames ensures stability downhill and exceptional maneuverability uphill. This allows riders to negotiate tight turns and obstacles with confidence.

4. Versatility:

Commencal frames are designed to accommodate a variety of terrains and riding styles. Whether you're downhill, cross-country or enduro mountain biking, Commencal offers a frame that meets your needs.

5. Sustainability:

The quality of materials and construction ensures that Commencal frames are built to last. They stand up to the rigors of mountain biking and harsh conditions.

6. Aesthetic Design:

Commencal frames are recognized for their aesthetic design. They bring a touch of style to your bike, reflecting the brand's passion for mountain biking.

Choosing the Suitable Commencal Framework

When choosing a Commencal frame, it is essential to consider several factors to find the one that suits your needs and riding style. Here are some points to consider:

1. Mountain Bike Style:

Determine what style of mountain biking you do most frequently, whether it's downhill, cross-country, enduro or another. Commencal offers frames adapted to each style.

2. Frame Size:

Make sure the frame you choose fits your size for a comfortable ride.

3. Budget:

Set a realistic budget before you begin your search. Commencal offers a range of frames adapted to different price ranges.

4. Frame Material:

Choose frame material based on your preferences for weight, durability and cost.

5. Model:

Explore the different Commencal frame models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

6. Opinions and Recommendations:

Read reviews from cyclists and get recommendations from professionals or enthusiasts to help you make an informed decision.


The Commencal frame is a leading choice for mountain bike enthusiasts looking for high-level performance, exceptional ride comfort, stability and handling. Commencal, as a French brand, embodies the excellence of French mountain biking, with a commitment to innovation and quality. When you choose a Commencal frame, you're investing in an exceptional riding experience and equipment that allows you to push your limits. Don't underestimate the positive impact a Commencal frame can have on your mountain biking experience. Prepare to ride with confidence and explore new horizons with a frame that embodies the passion and expertise of the Commencal brand.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    9: new without packaging

  • Size


  • BCD (fixtures diameter)

    31.8 mm

  • Material


  • Use

    MTB xc


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