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Here is information about bicycle inner tubes:

Function :

1. Inflation:

The inner tube is an essential component of the bicycle pneumatic system. It fills with pressurized air to keep the tire in shape and ensure a comfortable ride.

2. Elasticity:

It must be sufficiently elastic to adapt to the deformation of the tire and absorb shocks from the road or terrain.

3. Waterproofing:

The inner tube must be tight to prevent air leaks and maintain constant pressure while riding.

4. Protection:

Some inner tubes feature anti-puncture technologies to reduce the risk of puncture and ensure a safer ride.

Features :

1. Size:

Inner tubes come in a range of sizes to fit different sizes of bicycle tires and wheels.

2. Valve:

They can be equipped with different types of valves, such as Schrader (car type) or Presta (road bike type) valves, each with their own advantages in terms of sealing and pump compatibility.

3. Thickness:

Inner tubes come in different thicknesses, which can affect their weight, durability and puncture resistance.

4. Material:

They are generally made of rubber or latex, each material having its own characteristics in terms of flexibility, weight and resistance to puncture.

5. Additional technologies:

Some inner tubes feature special technologies, such as anti-puncture coatings or self-sealing additives, to improve their durability and reliability on the road.

Popular brands:

1. Continental:

Continental offers a range of high quality inner tubes for different types of bicycles, offering excellent sealing and puncture resistance.

2. Schwalbe:

Schwalbe manufactures tough, durable inner tubes designed to withstand the most demanding conditions on the road or trail.

3. Michelin:

Michelin offers reliable, high-performance inner tubes, suitable for a variety of tires and bicycles, with particular attention paid to manufacturing quality.

4. Victoria:

Vittoria offers a range of high quality inner tubes, using cutting edge materials to ensure optimum performance and long life.

5. Kenda:

Kenda offers affordable and reliable inner tubes for riders of all levels, offering excellent sealing and puncture resistance.