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MTB inner tube 26 presta Atoo zoom_in
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  • MTB inner tube 26 presta Atoo

MTB inner tube 26 presta Atoo

  • 26x1.75/2.00, presta
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MTB inner tube 26 presta Atoo

  • dimensions 26x1.75/2.00,

  • presta valve,

  • new

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Use of this MTB inner tube 26 presta : 

This MTB inner tube 26 presta is intended for use on 26 inch diameter wheels and tires for cross country or freeride use.


Compatibility of this MTB inner tube 26 presta:

This MTB inner tube can only be assembled on 26-inch diameter wheels whose drill hole is provided for a presta type valve. The width of the tire must be compatible with that of the rim, it must be between 1.75 and 2.00. A rim tape must be present on the wheel to cover the spoke heads which could damage this MTB inner tube.

Assembly of this MTB inner tube 26 presta:

The assembly of this MTB inner tube does not require specific tools but a tire lever can facilitate its assembly. We also recommend the use of talcum powder between the tire and this MTB inner tube to facilitate its positioning between the tire, the rim and the rim tape of your mountain bike.


  • put one of the tire ring in between the rim hooks
  • spray talcum powder inside the tire and on the rim tape
  • slightly inflate the MTB inner tube
  • insert the presta valve in the hole of the rim
  • assemble the MTB inner tube into the tire and place it between the rim hooks
  • push on the second sidewall of the tire in order to insert it into the rim hook, possibly use a tire lever if the force required is too high, take care to not pinch or damage the MTB inner tube
  • inflate to the pressure value corresponding to your weight and your practice of mountain biking. You will find in our guide "how to set the correct pressure for a bicycle tire" advice on how to set the correct pressure value for your use.

Maintenance and replacement of an MTB inner tube 26 presta:

After each use, we recommend reducing the pressure of this MTB inner tube inside the tire in order to prolong its life as much as possible and to avoid possible deformation of the tire under prolonged air pressure. An MTB inner tube that tends to gradually deflate can be the sign of the end of its life, in fact, the polymer constituting an MTB inner tube can become porous or the valve may no longer perform its function perfectly. sealing.

Accessories in addition to a MTB inner tube 26 presta:

You will find many accessories and components in addition to this MTB inner tube among more than 350 brands available in stock at the best price. A choice of pumps, tools and saddlebags await you to equip and improve your mountain bike for sporty rides and hikes.
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  • Condition

    10: new with packaging

  • Diameter

    26 pouces

  • Valve type


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