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Here is information about bicycle wheelsets:

Function :

1. Support and propulsion:

Bicycle wheels are essential for supporting the weight of the rider and the bicycle while providing the propulsion needed to move forward.

2. Smooth rolling:

They provide a smooth ride thanks to their integrated bearings, reducing friction and allowing the rider to move efficiently.

3. Shock absorption:

Some wheels are designed to absorb shock and vibration, providing additional comfort on uneven surfaces.

4. Stability and maneuverability:

They contribute to the stability and maneuverability of the bike, especially when turning and changing direction.

5. Power transmission:

They transmit the power generated by the cyclist to the tires, which helps move the bike forward.

Features :

1. Size and diameter:

Bike wheels come in different sizes and diameters to fit different types of bikes and tires.

2. Materials:

They are made from different materials including aluminum, carbon and titanium, each offering their own advantages in terms of weight, strength and performance.

3. Number of spokes:

The number of spokes can vary depending on the type of wheel and its intended use, with wheels with lower spoke counts often being lighter but less sturdy than those with higher spoke counts.

4. Hub type:

Wheels can be equipped with different types of hubs, such as sealed bearing or tapered bearing hubs, influencing the smoothness of the ride and the durability of the wheel.

5. Tire and brake compatibility:

It is important to choose wheels that are compatible with the size of the tires and the type of brakes on the bike, whether disc or rim.

Popular brands:

1. Shimano:

Shimano offers a wide range of bicycle wheels for different types of bikes and uses, from entry-level to high-end models.

2. Mavic:

Mavic is renowned for its lightweight and robust wheels, designed to deliver optimal performance on and off-road.

3. Zipp:

Zipp manufactures high-end carbon wheels, appreciated by cyclists for their lightness, aerodynamics and responsiveness.

4. Fulcrum:

Fulcrum offers a wide range of road and mountain bike wheels, offering a balance between performance, durability and value.

5. DT Swiss:

DT Swiss is known for its high quality wheels and innovative hubs, suitable for different types of cyclists, from touring cyclists to professional competitors.