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Bicycle chainrings are part of the drivetrain and are mounted on the cranksets. They are essential for transferring the cyclists' pedaling power to the chains, helping propel the bike forward. Here are their functions, features and some popular brands:

Function :

1. Power transmission:

Bicycle chainrings transfer the cyclists' pedaling power to the bicycle's chains, thereby propelling the front or rear wheel.

2. Speed ​​ratio:

They offer different gear ratios depending on the number of teeth, allowing riders to choose the appropriate level of difficulty when pedaling.

3. Interaction with other components:

Bicycle chainrings interact with other drivetrain components such as front derailleurs and chains to enable smooth gear changes.

Features :

1. Number of teeth:

Bicycle chainrings come in a range of tooth sizes to offer different gear ratios. Front chainrings may have a higher tooth count for higher speeds and a lower tooth count for lower speeds.

2. Materials:

They are usually made of aluminum, steel or light alloy to provide both lightness and durability.

3. Design:

Chainrings can have different designs to optimize performance, stiffness and durability while minimizing weight.

4. Compatibility:

They must be compatible with the type of transmission of the bicycle (e.g.: number of speeds) and with the crankset mounting system.

Popular brands:

1. Shimano:

Shimano offers a wide range of bicycle chainrings for different types of bicycles and drivetrains.


SRAM is another brand known for its high-quality bicycle chainrings, offering options for road, mountain bike, and cyclocross riders.

3. Campagnolo:

Campagnolo manufactures premium bicycle chainrings, often used on high-performance road bikes.

4. RaceFace:

RaceFace offers sturdy and durable mountain bike chainrings suitable for harsh trail conditions.

5. FSA (Full Speed ​​Ahead):

FSA offers a variety of bike chainrings for different types of bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes.

6. Rotor:

Rotor is known for its oval and elliptical bike chainrings, providing an alternative to traditional round chainrings for some riders.

7. Praxis Works:

Praxis Works manufactures innovative bicycle chainrings, designed to deliver optimal performance in all riding conditions.

These brands offer a variety of bicycle chainrings to meet the needs and preferences of cyclists, whether for road, mountain biking, cyclocross or other cycling disciplines.