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The wheels of a track bike play a crucial role in the bike's overall performance, influencing the rider's speed, responsiveness and stability on the track. Here is a description of their function, their characteristics, the standards and the different types of wheels for track bikes:

Function :

1. Power transmission:

The wheels transfer the rider's power to the ground, helping propel the bike forward.

2. Stability and responsiveness:

They contribute to the stability and responsiveness of the bike, by absorbing shock and responding to the cyclist's movements.

3. Aerodynamics:

Track wheels are often designed to minimize aerodynamic drag, which helps maximize the rider's speed on the track.

Features :

1. Rim:

Track wheels typically feature high-profile rims to improve aerodynamics and lateral stiffness, allowing for rapid acceleration and high-speed stability.

2. Rays:

They can have a reduced number of spokes to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve aesthetics, or a higher number of spokes for greater strength and stability.

3. Hubs:

Track wheel hubs are often designed to be lightweight, stiff and responsive, providing efficient transmission of power from the rider to the wheels.

4. Fixing system:

Track wheels can be attached to the bike frame using a nut or quick-release system, depending on rider preference and frame standards.


1. Wheel size:

Track wheels generally come in two standard sizes: 700c (622mm diameter) for traditional track bikes and 650c (571mm diameter) for smaller sized track bikes.

2. Rim width:

Track wheels can have different rim widths to accommodate different tire types and driving preferences.

Different types of wheels for track bikes:

1. Tubular wheels:

Tubular clincher wheels have the tire sewn directly to the rim, providing a smooth, lightweight and responsive ride. They are often used by professional runners for their maximum performance.

2. Clincher wheels:

Tube clincher wheels have a tire with a traditional inner tube mounted on the rim, providing a comfortable and versatile ride. They are commonly used by amateur and professional track cyclists.

3. Tubeless wheels:

Tubeless clincher wheels use a specially designed tire to be mounted on the tubeless rim, providing a lightweight, puncture-resistant, low-pressure ride for better grip.

In summary, track bike wheels are essential to the performance and handling of the bike, providing a combination of lightness, stiffness and aerodynamics to maximize the rider's speed on the track. With specific features such as the rim, spokes, hubs and mounting system, as well as manufacturing standards, they contribute significantly to the cyclist's performance and comfort on the track.