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Hubs are essential components of track bike wheels, providing the central point around which the wheels rotate. Here is a description of their function, their characteristics, the standards and the different types of hubs for track bikes:

Function :

1. Wheel Support:

Hubs provide central support for the spokes of the wheel and are mounted on the axle of the wheel.

2. Power Transmission:

Hubs transfer the rider's pedaling power to the wheels, allowing the bike to move.

Features :

1. Number of speeds:

Some hubs are designed for a single speed drivetrain, while others can support multiple speeds, including flip-flop hubs which allow switching between a fixed gear and a sprocket free.

2. Sprocket mounting type:

Track bike hubs can have different mounting types for the sprocket, such as standard thread for fixed sprocket or specific mounting systems for free sprocket.

3. Bearings:

Hubs can use different types of bearings, such as sealed cartridge bearings or cone and cup bearings. Sealed bearings are generally easier to maintain and provide better protection against the elements.


1. Axle Size:

Hubs are available in different axle sizes to match specific bike frame dimensions. The most common axle sizes for track bikes are 9mm (front) and 10mm (rear).

2. Axel spacing:

The front and rear hubs may have different axle spacings to match the spacing between the bike's frame dropouts. Common axle spacings for track bikes are 100mm (front) and 120mm (rear) for fixed gear bikes.

Different types of hubs for track bikes:

1. Fixed Gear Hubs:

These hubs are designed for use with fixed gears, providing direct transmission of the rider's pedaling power to the rear wheel. They are popular with track runners because of their simplicity and effectiveness.

2. Flip-flop hubs:

These hubs are equipped on one side for a fixed gear and the other for a free gear, allowing the rider to switch between the two according to their riding preferences. driving or road conditions.

In summary, trail bike hubs are essential components that provide central support for the wheels and facilitate the transfer of pedaling power from the rider to the wheels. With specific features such as number of gears, sprocket attachment type and manufacturing standards, they contribute significantly to the performance and versatility of track bikes.