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Use of MTB brake pads and discs :

The performance of a braking system is induced by the control which can be mechanical or hydraulic and the duo disc, MTB brake pads.

Indeed, for the same type of control, the quality of the braking will depends on the characteristics of the disc and the MTB brake pads.

The disc can be made in one piece or floating (made in two parts). The braking zone is generally made of stainless steel because this material does not oxidize when it is bare. The floating disc is made of two materials to improve heat dissipation due to friction of the pads on the brake band. A controlled rise in temperature reduces the wear of the braking system and the braking distance.

The MTB brake pads consist of a steel or brass base support for better heat conduction and a resin or metal lining. MTB brake pads with resin lining are intended for occasional use in a dry environment, while metal models are designed for heavy use in all weather conditions.

Choice of a pair of MTB brake pads :

A pair of MTB brake pads must be chosen according to the use and the level of use that one wishes to make of it, in fact, pads fitted with a resin lining are to be avoided for use in downhill, enduro or freeride because their wear will be too fast during overheating caused by long and incisive braking.

When choosing a pair of mtb brake pads, it is necessary to check that their lining is compatible with the disc.

Many accessories allow you to customize the braking system of your mountain bike, such as anodized or stainless steel screws, adapters to position the brake caliper according to the diameter of the disc.

The major brands of MTB brake pads :

Many brands offer braking systems designed for mountain biking, such as Shimano, Magura, Avid, Formula or Hayes, others have specialized such as Brake Authority, A2R, Clarks, Carbone Lorraine, Fibrax, Ashima, BBB or EBC.