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Deda handlebar Newton 46 cms OS zoom_in
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  • Deda handlebar Newton 46 cms OS
  • Deda handlebar Newton 46 cms OS used
  • Deda handlebar Newton 46 cms OS for road bike

Deda handlebar Newton 46 cms OS

  • 46 cms OS
  • Used

€8.99 VAT included


Deda handlebar Newton

  • material: aluminium

  • stem fixture diameter 31.8 mm (oversize),

  • external width 460 mm, between axis 440 mm

  • weight 265 grams

  • used in a good condition

Use of this Deda handlebar Newton :

This road bike handlebar is particularly suitable for sport hiking and competition, its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and efficient position in the low position, the grip of the brake levers is also improved.


Compatibility of this deda handlebar Newton :

This handlebar is designed to be attached to a stem with a fixing diameter of 31.8 mm. A groove for the passage of the brake sheaths is provided, it avoids an extra thickness under the bar tape and improves the grip of the sheath on the handlebars.

Assembly of this deda handlebar Newton :

Assembly of this ergonomic road bike handlebar is simple and only requires a set of allen wrenches.


  • remove the shifters
  • remove the bar tape and plugs
  • remove the sheaths and clamps from the levers
  • remove the stem fixing
  • remove the handlebar and replace it with this deda handlebar
  • tighten the stem fixing by adjusting the position of the handlebar
  • reassemble the levers with their collars
  • fit a new bar tape and plugs

Accessories in addition to this deda handlebar:

We offer a set of comfortable and easy-to-install handlebar tape as well as plugs for final assembly.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    6: less than 25% of wear

  • Handlebar stem interface diameter

    31,8 mm (oversize)

  • Width

    46 cms

  • Shape


  • Use

    Road bike
    Road e-bike
    Vintage road bike


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