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The bar tape and the brakes hoods of a road bike are key items for comfort and aesthetics.

1 / Function of a bar tape and brakes hoods on a road bike:

The bar tape is stuck on the handlebar of the road bike, it improves the comfort, the grip and the holding of the direction by the cyclist. This item also allows you to customize the aesthetics of your bike.

The brakes hoods are elastomer supports fixed to the gear levers or the brake housings. Since the cyclist has his hands permanently on these items, they are ergonomically shaped and thick to absorb shocks. The brakes hoods are specific to each brand and each model of shifter and brake levers.

Manufacturers of drivetraubs offer replacement brakes hoods for the models they manufacture, but they do not offer a choice of colors or materials. Accessories brands such as Hüdz or Dia Compe have designed versions compatible with the biggest brands and models available on the market in different colors and materials.

There are many manufacturers of bar tapes such as Velox, Cinelli, No Contest, 4ZA, Brooks or BRN that offer models in cotton, cork or elastomer in a multitude of colors of textures corresponding to a use or type of racing, road, vintage, vintage or single speed bike.

2 / Accessories in addition to a bar tape and brakes hoods :

To complete its bar tape and brake hoods, it is possible to add silicone inserts glued to the top of the handlebar under the bar tape to improve comfort in specific areas.

To seal the handlebar tube on which the bar tape will be glued, there are plastic covers that can be screwed on for better support or in cork for an old look.