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  • Bike tire 700x35c BRN Planet Air
  • Gravel tyres 700x35 tire BRN Planet Air brown

Bike tire 700x35c BRN Planet Air

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Bike Tire 700x35 C BRN Planet Air brown

  • rigid ring
  • brown color, beige sides
  • new condition

This 700x35 C gravel tire will be perfect on your bike, brown in color with beige sidewalls, it will give a retro vintage look. The tread patterns allow good water evacuation in the rain, they provide good grip on the road and on the tracks. Its section provides comfort. With this tire we recommend the use of a 700x35 inner tube.


Dimensions of this bike tire 700x35c :

The dimension of this Gravel tire is expressed according to two standards, the characteristics of which are as follows:

  • 700 x 35 C (outer tire diameter 700 mm, width 35 mm)
  • ETRTO 35-622 (inner rim diameter 622mm, tire width 35mm)

Constitution of this bike tire 700x35c :

This 700x 35 gravel tire is designed with a rigid ring whose function is to hold the tire in the hooks of the rim of the bicycle, a braided tread which pushes the inner tube back onto the rim, which ensures comfort, road and protection against the intrusion of thorns and flint,… and a tread intended for grip and water evacuation on wet ground.

Compatibility of this bike tire 700x35c :

It is necessary to ensure that this 700x35 gravel tire can fit under the best conditions on the existing rims of your bike or gravel. To do this, you must compare the width of the rim and that provided for the tire. Here the ETRTO is 35-622, the tire will be 35mm wide after inflation so the rim on which it will be mounted will have characteristics 622-17C to 622-21C. This dimension is written on the rim. We determined these values ​​from the bike rim tire size correspondence table available on our site.

Pressure of this bike tire 700x35c :

The average pressure recommended by the manufacturer for this 700x35 gravel tire is minimum 3.4 bars or 50 Psi (345 kPa) and a maximum of 5.1 bars or 75 Psi (515 kPa). We recommend that these values ​​be respected because if the pressure is insufficient, road holding (sensation of floating) will be very poor and the risk of a puncture by perforation will be high, in the case of too high pressure the risk of pinching will be high ( inner tube which cuts due to its pinching between the rim and the tire) and the tire grip level will be low. You will find additional information in our section "How to set the correct pressure for a road bike, MTB, hybrid or Gravel tire".

Recommendations for this bike tire 700x35c :

In order to obtain the best performance, we recommend the use of a rigid or semi-rigid rim tape capable of withstanding a pressure of at least 7 bars. The chosen inner tube must have dimensions compatible with this Gravel tire such as 700 x 35 at 47 c, the choice of valve type (Presta or Schrader) will depend on the diameter of the rim drill hole.

Fitting of this bike tire 700x35c :

To avoid pinching the inner tube during its assembly in the tire and on the rim, it is recommended to inflate it slightly, if necessary to use talcum powder to facilitate its positioning and to insert the sidewalls of the tire into the rim. by hand. If the effort required to assemble the tire in the rim is too great, you can use a tire levers, preferably plastic.

Maintenance of this bike tire 700x35c :

After each ride, washing the tires eliminates pollutants and any thorns. To limit the deformation of the 700x35 gravel tire when it is not in use, we recommend reducing its pressure to 2 bars when the bike is stored and turning the wheels regularly so that there is no “flat” phenomenon. ". Since a tire is made of an elastomer sensitive to temperature changes, we recommend storage in a dry environment at a constant temperature above 10 ° C.

Replacing of this bike tire 700x35c :

A tire for road or Gravel bike when assembled wears out according to the direction of rotation of the wheel, do not reverse the direction of rotation of a tire whose wear is in the direction of opposite rotation because the polymers constituting this tire are oriented according to its direction of rotation, reversing it could facilitate the penetration of thorns, flint,….

A bicycle tire does not have wear indicators like a car tire. Its wear is estimated visually on the basis of the appearance of cracks on the sidewalls or on the tread. Too many punctures can also be a sign of severe tread and / or tread wear.

Accessories in addition to this bike tire 700x35c :

To allow you to obtain the best performance and the longest life from your Gravel 700x35 tire, you will need to regularly check its air pressure using a bicycle pump fitted with a pressure gauge or a pressure controller. Two tire levers are also part of the essential accessories to remove the old tire in order to replace it with a new bicycle tire.

Data sheet
  • Condition

    10: new with packaging

  • Diameter

    700 ETRTO 622

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