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Here is information about bicycle tires:

Function :

1. Adhesion:

Bicycle tires provide grip on the road or trail, allowing the rider to maintain control and ride safely.

2. Comfort:

They absorb road vibrations and shocks, providing a more comfortable ride, especially on uneven surfaces.

3. Sustainability:

Bicycle tires are designed to resist wear and puncture, extending their life and reducing the risk of punctures.

4. Performance:

They contribute to the performance of the bike by providing minimum rolling resistance and maximum traction in different conditions.

5. Protection:

Some tires feature special technologies, such as anti-puncture coatings, to reduce the risk of punctures and ensure safer driving.

Features :

1. Size:

Bicycle tires come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of bikes and riding conditions.

2. Width:

They are available in different widths, from narrow tires for road to wide tires for mountain biking, which influences grip, comfort and rolling resistance.

3. Tread profile:

Tires can have different tread profiles, suitable for different types of terrain, such as smooth for road, knobby for mountain biking or mixed for multi-purpose bikes.

4. Recommended pressure:

Each tire has a recommended pressure range, which affects its performance in terms of comfort, grip and rolling resistance.

5. Carcass type:

Tires can have a soft (folding) or rigid carcass, which affects weight, comfort and ease of assembly.

Popular brands:

1. Continental:

Continental is known for its road bike tires that offer excellent grip and low rolling resistance.

2. Schwalbe:

Schwalbe offers a wide range of tires for all disciplines, including mountain biking, road cycling and e-biking, with a focus on durability and performance.

3. Maxxis:

Maxxis manufactures premium mountain bike tires known for their exceptional grip in all terrain conditions.

4. Michelin:

Michelin offers road and mountain bike tires known for their durability, grip and low rolling resistance.

5. Victoria:

Vittoria offers a wide range of bicycle tires, including road, gravel and cyclocross, offering an optimal balance between grip, comfort and rolling resistance.