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vtt xc short track

Short Track MTB (STXC), also known as "Short Track Cross Country," is a cross-country (XC) mountain bike discipline that takes place on shorter courses than traditional cross-country events. This discipline is characterized by fast, intense races on shorter loops, which sets it apart from longer cross-country races.

Here are some features of the Short Track MTB:

1. Short Circuits:

Short Track circuits are shorter compared to traditional cross-country events. They can vary in length but are generally smaller, which promotes more dynamic runs.

2. Race Format:

Short Track MTB races are often shorter in duration, but they are intense in terms of effort. Cyclists complete several laps of the circuit in a relatively short period of time.

3. Dynamism:

Due to the smaller size of the circuit, Short Track races are more dynamic with frequent changes of direction, technical sections and steep climbs and descents.

4. Show:

The short and dynamic format makes Short Track MTB races very attractive for spectators. Races are often held on easily accessible circuits, allowing the public to follow the action up close.

5. Strategic Aspect:

Due to the short distance, Short Track races can be strategic. Cyclists must manage their effort in order to remain competitive throughout the race.

6. Presence in Competition:

Short Track MTB events are often included in larger cross-country MTB events. They can be used as preliminary or independent tests.

In summary, Short Track MTB is a dynamic and intense variation of traditional cross-country, offering spectacular and exciting races on shorter circuits. It often attracts enthusiastic audiences due to its fast-paced format and the excitement it generates.

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